Abby Dowse Gets Flirty In Black Lacy Lingerie On A Bed

Abby Dowse takes a selfie.
Abby Dowse / Instagram

Abby Dowse has been getting flirty on her Instagram feed as of late, and her newest snap from today was no different. She wore a lacy black lingerie set and struck a seductive pose in a white bedroom.

In the photo, the blonde glanced down toward the ground with her lips parted. She laid her right hand on the edge of a white bed and leaned onto it with her right leg. She popped her left hip and emphasized her curves. Her cleavage and flat abs were hard to miss.

Her bra had a classic cut with scalloped lace edging along her cleavage and a strip of fabric in the middle featured the Lounge underwear brand name. Her bottoms were matching and featured a triangular cutout in the center that added to the flirty vibes. The thong had thick straps that were made of lace, and she tugged at it with her left hand.

The stunner’s face was partially obscured thanks to the way she wore her hair down, although it was possible to note that her makeup application appeared to include pink eyeshadow, dark lashes, and light pink lipstick. Moreover, she didn’t wear any visible jewelry, and kept the focus on her incredible physique.

She was well-lit in the photo as the photographer used a generous amount of flash. It left her skin looking glowing and flawless, and her tan was also prominent against her light-toned backdrop.

In addition to the bed with matching pillows, there were matching curtains that covered the window behind the model.

The image has been liked over 21,200 times so far by her adoring fans, many who also stopped by the comments section to leave a compliment.

“Absolutely gorgeous…. I’m speechless at your beauty!” exclaimed a supporter.

“Thanks for another great post!!!)) I like your photos!) <3,” gushed a second admirer.

“You are the rare person who looks great in everything Abby. You are loved in Florida!!!” declared a third devotee.

“The most beautiful woman alive,” wrote another follower.

Abby rocked another pair of similar lace thong bottoms in another photo from a couple of days ago. She stood facing the camera and leaned forward slightly to showcase her tiny waist and toned legs. The photo was cropped from her mouth down to her upper thighs, and it was taken from a low vantage point.

In addition to the lingerie, she sported a baggy, cropped pink sweater with writing in Japanese and a pair of thigh-high socks.