Polina Malinovskaya Flaunts Killer Abs In Sexy Knitted Set

Polina Malinovskaya snaps a selfie.
Polina Malinovskaya / Instagram

Polina Malinovskaya looked incredible in the latest shot that was added to her Instagram page. Luckily for fans, the update included two images that accentuated her curves in a smoking-hot two-piece set.

The snapshots captured Polina hanging out on a balcony — a space that has become a frequent backdrop for her social media photos. Two massive, stone pillars and an iron railing were next to her. The first image featured Polina with a slight smile on her face as she stood front and center, while the second shot showed the model leaning against a salmon-colored wall. Polina appeared to be deep in thought and gazed off into the distance with a sultry stare. She sported a sexy two-piece set that fit her like a glove while a tag on the post indicated that the ensemble was from Fashion Nova.

The garment boasted a light brown hue that complemented her tanned skin. Polina’s top was cropped and had a low scoop neckline that didn’t showcase any of her cleavage but instead teased a glimpse of her toned shoulders. The bottom of the garment boasted a thick band that hugged her ribs and helped draw attention to her trim torso and taut tummy.

Her bottoms were just as sexy. Like the top, the shorts boasted a thick band that secured around her waist. It also had a drawstring and showed off her curvy hips. The cut of the piece allowed her trim legs to be entirely on display as well. Polina opted to not add any accessories to her outfit, ensuring that all eyes remained on her fit figure.


The model wore her hair parted in the middle, showing off her natural brunette roots while the tips of her hair were blond. She appeared to be wearing a natural palette of makeup, an application which included light blush, mascara, and a nude lip.

Since the photos went live on her page, it’s earned Polina incredible reviews from her 1.7 million fans. The post has attracted over 95,000 likes and 400 comments in six short hours.

“Love the outfit, and your makeup look, It Definitely complements your gorgeous eyes,” one fan gushed with a single black heart.

“No matter what the clothing a gorgeous woman like you would make it look good,” a second user raved alongside a series of flames.

“Hii hottest and cutest girl,” another follower beamed.

“You are so beautiful,” one more admirer added with a few flame emoji.