Nina Dobrev & Shaun White Have Some Haircut Fun & Seemingly Go Instagram-Official With Their Romance

A composite image of Nina Dobrev and Shaun White
Tibrina Hobson/Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

Actress Nina Dobrev shared a fun new post on her Instagram page on Thursday that is generating a lot of buzz among her millions of fans. People have been speculating for the past month or so that Nina seems to be dating Olympic snowboarder Shaun White, even quarantining with him throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Now, it appears that the two are ready to stop playing coy about this.

About a month ago, Nina’s Instagram post had people talking about how she appeared to be spending some quality time with Shaun. A couple of weeks ago, she showed up in a photo on the Instagram page for Shaun’s dog. Now, Nina has shared a post showing her right by Shaun’s side.

In the initial photo of Nina’s latest Instagram post, she stood behind the snowboarder while holding an open pair of scissors in her hand. She was smiling, her head tilted, as she leaned on his back. Shaun, on the other hand, feigned a look of terror and skepticism as he looked up toward the scissors.

In the second slide of the post, Nina held a pile of Shaun’s hair, post-haircut. She wore sunglasses and had her mouth open in an expression of shock. Shaun stood next to her and stared at the pile of hair with wide eyes. He stood shirtless, a new, sharp-looking cut completed.

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Adding to resume: hairdresser ✂️

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Nina’s caption teased that she could now add “hairdresser” to her resume. Plenty of her fans commented about how impressed they were by the stylish cut she managed to give Shaun. However, a large number of followers were also quite interested in seeing Shaun and Nina together like this.

Nearly 20 million people follow the former The Vampire Diaries star and they stepped up to show their love for this post. There were nearly 450,000 likes on the uploads by the time the post had been live for about 16 hours. In addition, almost 2,000 comments piled up.

“Crushed it,” teased Nina’s pal, Julianne Hough, who added several fire emoji to her comment.

“Can you do a Mohawk for me?” jokingly asked Brooks Laich, Julianne’s husband, who is also a close friend of Nina’s.

“I’m so glad you are comfortable sharing with us cute photos of u two guys!! I’m very happy for you,” declared a fan.

“Are you two dating?! Because if so, you’ll be the cutest f*cking couple on the planet,” raved someone else.

It looks like Nina and Shaun are having a pretty good time together these days, even if they are teasing fans a bit with these Instagram posts. It doesn’t look as if the two are on the brink of sharing anything too mushy, but this haircut update was probably enough to keep curious fans happy for a while.