George Floyd's Sister Bridgett Wants Murder Charges For Cops: 'He Was Crying For Help'

The sister of George Floyd — the Minneapolis man who died as a result of an incident with police Monday night — says that she wants to see the officers involved charged with murder. Bridgett Floyd is speaking out in defense of her brother, and she is just the latest of several family members to address the situation.

Two of Floyd's brothers along with one cousin have already spoken out about wanting to see the officers involved in the Monday night incident held accountable for his death. Now, the victim's sister Bridgett Floyd talked with Today about the heartbreak she is feeling and the determination to see justice served as best as it can be.

Bridgett Floyd talked with Hoda Kotb from her home in Raeford, North Carolina. Kotb mentioned that she knows that George Floyd's sister has not watched the viral video that threw this case into the national spotlight, as she cannot bear to see it at this point.

The family is taking this very, very hard, Bridgett Floyd noted. In addition, she said they are doing what her brother would want them to do, and they are focused on trying to do the right thing.

"I would like for those officers to be charged with murder. Because that's exactly what they did. They murdered my brother," Bridgett Floyd replied when Kotb asked what she'd like to see happen to the officers involved in the Memorial Day incident.

"He was crying for help. I don't need them to be suspended and able to work in another state or another county, their licenses should be taken away, their jobs should be taken away, and they should be put in jail for murder," Bridgett Floyd continued.

Attorney Benjamin Crump — who is representing the Floyd family — also joined in on the call. Kotb read part of the initial police report that said that George Floyd was resisting arrest at the beginning of the incident. As Crump noted, several videos have since emerged that appear to tell a different story about the early moments of the conflict.

"I have a lot of faith because I believe in the utmost, powerful God. Faith is something that me and my brother always talked about because he was a God-fearing man regardless of what he done. We all have our faults. We all make mistakes. Nobody's perfect. But I believe that justice will be served, I have enough faith to stand on it," Bridgett Lloyd replied when Kotb asked if she had faith that there would be justice in this case.

Crump said that he believes this case could be a tipping point in this country and that justice may be served this time. He told people to imagine someone begging to breathe with a knee on their neck for nine minutes, the situation that George Floyd allegedly faced with Officer Derek Chauvin.

The family attorney said that a message needs to be sent with this case and that there needs to be equal justice for both black Americans and white Americans. Things are progressing rapidly in Minneapolis in the wake of the initial video going viral, and George Floyd's family is making it clear that they are determined to see the officers held accountable for their loved one's death.