Joselyn Cano Goes Makeup-Free For New Selfie: 'My Quarantine Look'

Joselyn Cano uploaded a makeup-free photo to her Instagram page on Friday afternoon to showcase her "quarantine look."

She extended her right arm, holding her camera in front of her and angled the lens toward her face and chest. Not only did the model treat her fans to a look at her natural beauty sans makeup product, but they were also treated to a view of her plunging cleavage. All she wore for the selfie was a skimpy black camisole that barely contained her bust.

Joselyn smiled for the camera, revealing her perfectly straight white teeth. Her skin appeared to be well taken care of as it was mostly blemish-free and had a vibrant, dewy complexion. Joselyn's long lashes framed her green eyes, and her thick eyebrows looked somewhat unkempt yet still stylish.

The stunner tied her hair up into a tight bun, her center-part partially visible near the top of the frame. A few loose baby hairs sprung free of her sleek chignon. Natural was the name of the game in this photo, which could be why Joseyln opted to go accessory-free. Perhaps one of the reasons for Joselyn's caption was her unwaxed eyebrows that have grown in over the past few weeks.

She appears to have snapped the selfie from her bedroom, although the geotag did not indicate her exact location. Additionally, it looked like Joselyn may have edited her image slightly or added a filter of some kind, as the blinds adorning the window behind her were partially distorted.

In her caption, Joselyn joked that she could not even remember the last time she had taken the time to apply makeup or style her hair. Her admirers did not seem to mind, as evidenced by the astounding number of likes she received on the snap. Within an hour of going live, the post had racked up over 34,300 likes.

More than 1,000 of Joselyn's fans liked and commented on her post, including her famous colleagues, Eriana Blanco and Becky Hudson. It seemed like the majority of her supporters felt she looked gorgeous with or without makeup.

"Well doesn't matter joselyn you look beautiful you don't need it," gushed one fan.

"U look cute like this, you don't need makeup to be beautiful," said another.

"I don't think you need to worry about it, youre looking gorgeous as is!" a third person exclaimed, emphasizing their point with a flame emoji.

"Even without makeup you look like princess," chimed in a fourth Instagrammer.