Ariana Grande Wears Celebratory Black Leather & Lace In New Instagram Share

Ariana Grande wore celebratory black leather and lace as she honored the four-year anniversary of her wildly popular 2016 album Dangerous Woman. The singer and songwriter posted the throwback image to Instagram with a caption that spoke about the joy of this particular period in her life. She also asked her fans what they loved most about the music and they responded in droves, liking the pic 3,883,029 times and counting.

The singer looked dazzling in the black-and-white image. She wore a skintight black lace bodysuit, which clung to her every curve. Ariana paired that with sky-high black patent leather heels. Her fashion look was complete with a black leather face mask that had large bunny ears atop her head.

The image was iconic for the time and one that would be tied to the album as part of its promotional materials. She also sported the look on the cover of the album, but only her face was shown.

On the singer's neck, a large jeweled choker was worn to give the ensemble more sparkle and a decidedly feminine touch. She wore an oversized puff that appeared to be a bunny tail attached to her posterior.

Ariana was looking up in the image. Her hair color appeared to be blonder than its normal dark hue and provided a stark contrast to the black color of her outfit. It was blown out straight and hung down both the front of her body and her back.

Dangerous Woman was Ariana's third studio album. The 15 tracks took listeners through her interpretation of strength through femininity. Dangerous Woman was a turning point in the singer's career. Prior to this release, she was best known for bubble gum pop tunes and her television work on two Nickelodeon series -- Victorious and Sam & Cat. Dangerous Woman allowed the singer to embrace a more mature image, and the album transformed her into a music superstar.

Ariana's fans were thrilled by the singer's nod to one of her best-loved albums, and they shared their feelings in the comments section of the share.

"This album is everything," stated one fan of their love for the package of music.

"There are too many bops for me to decide which one of them is my favorite tune," said a second follower of the singer.

"How is it four years already since the release of my complete and utter favorite album of yours of all time? It just can't be!" exclaimed a third devotee.

"You are smoking hot in this photo, just saying," remarked a fourth user.