Julia Rose Asks 'Truth Or Dare' In New Topless Shot With Tiny White Shorts That Show Off Her Backside

World Series flasher Julia Rose kept her Instagram fans entertained on Wednesday with a new topless photo of herself showing off her backside while playing a virtual game of truth or dare.

In the shot, Julia stood in front of a glass area next to a staircase that had a uniquely textured white wall beside it. She was topless and she faced three-quarters away from the camera, looking back over her shoulder. The pose showed plenty of the model's side boob as well as part of her ribcage tattoo. She wore a pair of tiny white mesh shorts, which she rolled up at the waistband, so they showed off a large portion of her shapely backside, which she held with her hands to create an upside-down heart shape. Her fingernails were long and appeared to have a light-colored manicure.

The Shag Mag founder wore her lighted brunette hair in a ponytail high atop her neck, leaving a few straight tendrils down to frame her face, and the rest of her hair cascaded from the ponytail holder in soft waves. It appeared as if Julia had on some eye makeup to help draw attention to her big brown eyes, and her cheeks seemed to be highlighted with bronzer. Plus, her lips looked like they had a shimmery color on them. She accessorized the whole look with a gold necklace, which was clasped at her neck visible in the picture and a ring on one finger.

In the caption, she cheekily wanted to know if her fans preferred truth or dare, and they responded positively. At least 320,000 shared the love by hitting the "like" button, and more than 2,300 also left a comment for the entrepreneur. The flame emoji appeared many times throughout the comments, indicating that many Instagrammers thought Julia looked hot in the photo.

"Dare you to follow team DYFO!!" teased one Instagrammer.

"I dare you to respond to my comment," a second devotee wrote, but so far, Julia hasn't replied.

"Julia Rose, truth, but eventually, I'll come up with an idea of a better dare," promised a third fan.

"You have moved into my top 5 beautiful women. You are AMAZING," a fourth follower praised the model.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Julia shared another topless photo of herself recently. However, in that one, she wore a pair of black camouflage shorts and teased her followers by asking if anybody wanted to come to cuddle with her, and several offered to do it.