May 20, 2020
Danica Patrick Flaunts Her Fit Figure In A Bikini And Speeds Down A Backyard Water Slide

Danica Patrick made a splash in a strappy bikini while having a blast in her backyard. On Tuesday, the former NASCAR competitor took to Instagram to share a fun video that showed her zooming down a water slide as a group of unseen pals cheered her on.

The 38-year-old athlete was initially shown from a distance away. She stood near a small basketball court in her backyard and held a blue inflatable bodyboard. She sported a white two-piece that featured what appeared to be a floral print pattern. Her bikini top had a low v-neck that exposed a teasing amount of cleavage. Her low-rise bottoms had high-cut leg openings that showed off some of her skin.

Danica stood in front of the mini basketball court at the beginning of the video, but she kept taking steps backward until she was on the opposite side of the court. This gave her more space to get a running start. She began to sprint towards the backyard water slide that consisted of a long sheet of yellow plastic with inflatable blue bumpers to keep sliders from flying into the grass. Four heavy kettlebells held the lightweight slide in place and a water hose pumped water into one of its side bumpers to get it nice and slippery.

The end of the slide had been placed on the edge of Danica's pool. She leapt onto her stomach when she reached the opposite side of the slide and sped towards the water. She slightly skimmed over its surface before coming to a stop.

Once Danica was in the water, viewers got to see her bikini from the back. Her top featured thin straps that were arranged in a geometric pattern over her muscular upper back. Her bottoms had a cheeky cut that put her pert posterior on full display as she paddled to the edge of the pool. One of Danica's pet canines, a Belgian Malinois named Ella, was excitedly waiting for her.

A number of people could be heard speaking behind the camera.

"You go, girl! You did it!" the videographer stated.

The rest of the group clapped and cheered as Danica laughed. In the caption of her post, she confessed that she was tired of being a grownup.

"Being a grown up is overrated," one follower agreed.

"Holy WOW you look amazing, Danica. Glad you are having fun," read another response.

"That looks like SO much fun!!" a third fan remarked.

When Danica shows off her phenomenal figure on social media, she's usually rocking athletic wear and doing a seriously tough workout. She often demonstrates some of the difficult yoga poses she can perform, including the flying lizard and flying splits.