Kindly Myers Is A Hottie In Sexy Gray Bra & Panties

Kindly Myers snaps a selfie.
Kindly Myers / Instagram

Kindly Myers flaunted her incredible figure in a hot gray set on Instagram. The short video clip was added to her feed yesterday, and her fans have been going crazy over it.

The Playboy model was captured in bed in her latest upload. She stared into the camera and playfully twirled her long, blond locks in both hands. Kindly did not include a geotag in her post but she appeared to be in a bedroom surrounded by white on all sides, including a duvet cover, pillows, and curtains. The model sat on the edge of the bed and captivated her audience in sexy attire.

Kindly sizzled in a gray two-piece set that highlighted her bombshell body. She did not share with fans where she purchased the ensemble but instead directed them to the link in her bio. Its top clung tightly to her figure and stretched across her chest while directing attention to her ample bust. The piece was constructed of gray cotton fabric and had a line of tortoise buttons running down the center. Its scooping neckline showed a small amount of cleavage.

Her bottoms possessed the same, stretchy fabric, and its thick waistband sat just below her navel. The garment sat high on her hips and treated fans to a generous glimpse of her toned and tanned thighs. The hot number also allowed for her large, cursive tattoo to be seen, and it encompassed the area from her ribs to her hips. She added a small piercing to her bellybutton, and it drew eyes to her tiny midsection.

The lighting in the clip was not optimal, but it still showed off her stunning application of makeup. The glam look seemed to include defined brows, dark eyeliner, and a touch of mascara. Kindly didn’t style her long, blond tresses, and they spilled messily to the middle of her stomach. A furry friend accompanied the model on the bed and gave himself a good lick on the back.

Many of Kindly’s fans showed their admiration for the video clip. In a short time, it accrued over 11,000 likes and well over 180 comments.

“Fantastic body! Work, I love it….” one fan gushed.

“Very very gorgeous Face&body very beautiful eyes very beautiful smile,” a second Instagrammer added with a few red hearts.

“Absolutely delightful, gorgeous body…” one more commented.

“Your body physics soooooooo amazing,” a fourth complimented.

This recent skin-baring display was one of many that have already been posted to her page this week.