Kayla Moody Leaves Little To The Imagination In Insanely Sexy Daisy Dukes

Kayla Moody clicks a selfie.
Kayla Moody / Instagram

Kayla Moody celebrated hump day on Instagram with a seriously sexy post that is proving hard to ignore. The hot military wife showed off her killer body in a racy outfit that included a pair of outrageously tiny Daisy Dukes, posing from the profile to showcase her perky posterior. The model shared three separate photos of the hot look, each of them offering small differences in terms of pose. In her caption, she asked fans which shot was their favorite, eliciting a lot of response from her eager admirers.

The steamy Instagram upload showed Kayla posing in the woods. The bombshell looked smoking hot in barely there shorts that were completely torn at the waistline and appeared to be folded over her hips. The jagged look extended to the hemline as well, which was adorned with a distressed trim that added to the sultry look. The white-wash thong-style denims perfectly showed off her peachy booty and flaunted her hip and thighs, thanks to their high cut.

Kayla paired the scandalous shorts with a skimpy cropped tank top. The low-cut, ribbed design ended right at the chest line, exposing her toned midriff. The busty blonde opted to go braless under the clingy item, which was very deep-cut on the sides, offering a generous view of her buxom curves.

The Instagram sensation put her insane figure on display as she stood with one leg in front of the other and her thighs slightly parted. The first two photos spotlighted her plump backside and portrayed her pulling up her tousled hair in a seductive manner. One picture showed her raising her free hand to shoulder level and softly bowing her head as she closed her eyes, while the other saw the model shooting an intense gaze at the camera as she tilted her head backwards and placed her hand on her waist. She parted her lips in a provocative way as her tresses tumbled down the back of her head, with a few rebel tendrils framing her face.

Kayla added a third snap wherein she arched her back and placed both hands atop her head, pushing her chest into focus. The posture emphasized her chiseled waist and showed a glimpse of her flat tummy, which was bared in the scanty shorts. Her long locks were no longer pulled up and freely brushed down her back in an unruly fashion.

The sizzling blonde was all glammed up for the shoot and rocked a chic makeup look that appeared to include dark eyeliner and long lashes, in addition to a satin pink lipstick that lent an alluring gleam to her mouth. Followers were seemingly entranced with the tempting look, but found it difficult to agree which photo best captured her beauty.

“Love 1! [camera and heart-eyes emoji] Happy Humpday Kayla!” wrote one person, who added a peach emoji in a nod to the model’s curvaceous rear end.

“2 is the best,” a second fan opined.

“All are amazing, but I prefer number 3,” penned a third Instagram user.

As of this writing, the risqué upload has amassed close to 6,500 likes and 245 comments.