Niece Waidhofer Goes Topless & Poses For A Provocative 'Pre-Shower Selfie'

Niece Waidhofer gave her fans a gift on Monday afternoon when she uploaded a topless photograph of herself getting ready to take a shower to her Instagram page. While she covered her bare chest with a towel, her admirers were still able to glimpse her cleavage and her backside, which was captured in the mirrored reflection behind her.

For the snapshot, Niece appeared to have climbed onto her bathroom sink to get a good photograph of herself that ensured her back was also in the frame. She looked down at her camera as she maneuvered it into place and smiled softly at the lens.

Despite the white towel covering her ample bust, Niece still showcased plenty of skin. Her back muscles and shoulder blades were visible in the mirror while she pressed her breasts together to create plunging cleavage, much to the delight of her 1.8 million Instagram followers.

According to her lengthy caption, the model was wearing false eyelashes for the image. She joked that she had accidentally "catfished" herself when she saw a photo of herself post-shower and realized it was because she was used to seeing herself with longer lashes.

The model then referred to her falsies as looking like Hitler's mustache. However, she added that none of her fans should be concerned about her self-esteem, saying that there are much worse things to be addicted to than fake lashes.

Her fans went wild for the shot, and it proved to be a huge hit. Within an hour of posting, Niece's snap garnered over 21,500 likes and more than 420 comments. Dozens of users flocked to the comments to praise her appearance or to comment on her caption.

"Prettiest woman on the planet. And yes I tried to beat the bots in here and failed," wrote one fan.

They were lucky enough to get a response from Niece, who thanked them for the compliment and said she was trying to block and report as many bots as she could.

"Honestly I couldn't tell the difference you always have the Smokey eye look that they kinda just blend in after a while," said another social media user.

On Friday, she shared a fun photo of herself lying down in bed with her chest front and center. It looked like she wasn't wearing any pants or undies in the pic, and her admirers seemed to love the image as indicated by the fact it racked up more than 118,000 likes.