Victoria Principal, 70, Poses On The Beach With A Message Of Peace, Love & Hope In New Instagram Share

Victoria Principal stunned in a new photo at the age of 70. The star of the original Dallas TV series shared a new snap to Instagram as she posed on the beach wearing a very timely t-shirt.

The new photo captured Victoria on a beach in Malibu, California, wearing sunglasses, track pants, and a long-sleeved t-shirt with a picture of Dr. Anthony Fauci on it. The word "Hope" appears under the picture of the White House Coronavirus Task Force leader. The Dallas star made a "peace" sign with her fingers as she smiled for the camera on a beautiful day with the blue sky and the ocean behind her.

In the caption to the post, Victoria wrote a message for her followers.

"Peace, Hope & Love," she penned, offering the positive sentiment for her fans during this difficult and unprecedented time.

The actress added a slew of hashtags that referenced the current quarantine, shelter-in-place, and stay-at-home orders. She also included hashtags in tribute to her beloved Malibu and to the renowned immunologist pictured on her tee.

"#Hopeishere," she wrote.

In comments to the post, Victoria's fans reacted to her message, as well as to her still-beautiful looks more than 40 years after she debuted the role of Pamela Barnes Ewing on CBS' Dallas.

"You are the cutest human!!!!" one fan wrote.

"How does it feel to be beautiful always...!" added another.

"I like your shirt Victoria... Hope!" a third follower remarked. "Great smile too. Happy Sunday!"

"Love your tee!" a fourth commented. "I'm trying to never give up hope! Thanks for sharing!"

This is not the first time Victoria has given a message of hope to her fans. In March, just as coronavirus-related shutdowns began to take place across the country, The Body Principal author shared an Instagram photo of a stormy sea as she urged her fans to "unite" during the crisis.

"It is in the midst of a storm of crisis that we reveal who we truly are," she penned. "We have always been an extraordinary people when we unite."

She has been vocal about her passion for helping those in need during the pandemic. Last month, the actress posted a photo of herself with a rainbow to symbolize unity and hope as she thanked the National Health Service and all healthcare workers around the world for their "courage and endurance." Her rainbow pic also helped supply meals to families in need via a donation from Yumi.

As for how she is spending her quarantine time, Victoria has plenty to do at home. For nearly 10 years, the star has operated a ranch in California where she rescues and rehabilitates animals, according to People. Her Instagram is filled with photos of mini horses and other animals. Her love for nature is also apparent in her photostream.