May 2, 2020
Kim Jong Un Could Be Holed Up In Resort With 'Pleasure Squad' — A Group Of 2,000 Sex Slaves, Report Claims

Kim Jong Un may be staying in a seaside resort with what is known as the "Pleasure Squad" — a group of 2,000 sex slaves sent to entertain him and keep him company, a new report speculates.

The North Korean leader had been out of the public eye for more than three weeks, leading to rumors that he may have fallen into a coma or died. Though the North Korean government released photos claiming to show Kim at a ribbon-cutting ceremony this week, his exact health status and whereabouts have not been confirmed.

As The Sun reported this week, Kim may be hiding out in the luxurious port city of Wonsan with a large contingent of young women sent specifically to entertain him. The report noted that this group of women was first put together by his late grandfather, the country's founding father. The report added that some members of the group said they were recruited into service to the North Korean leader as young as 13, pulled out of school and forced into sexual slavery, serving the top leader in North Korea.

"It's within the walls of his ultra-protected palaces that his Pleasure Squad provides entertainment for high-ranking North Korean officials," the report noted. "The 2,000-strong harem is said to be made to sing and dance for the nation's elite — but also take part in bizarre sexual games and orgies."

The report added that this "Pleasure Squad" also provides the vices that Kim is said to enjoy, including alcohol and fine food.

There have been other reports that Kim retreated to Wonsan to avoid an outbreak of coronavirus, but there was no confirmation whether or not the alleged "Pleasure Squad" was there with him.

Other North Korean insiders have divulged information about the existence of this secretive group, with a defector sharing details with The National in 2010 about working for Kim Jong Un's father, Kim Jong Il. Koh Yu-hwan, a professor of North Korea studies at Seoul's Dongguk University, told the news outlet that the women working in this group would be used to serve not only the leader, but other senior government officials.

"Unlike a capitalistic country, [pleasure squads] are managed on a state level," Koh said. "They are not only for Kim Jong Il, but also for other senior cadre. They serve at official functions of the ruling class."

There did not appear to be confirmation that Kim was accompanied by this group in Wonsan, and it appeared to conflict with reports that he traveled there to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, which includes staying away from large groups of people.