April 7, 2020
Alexis Skyy Shows Off Her Booty & Dances To A Drake Song: 'After 1000000 Times I Think I Got It'

To keep busy during quarantine, Love & Hip Hop star Alexis Skyy has been trying to conquer multiple popular TikTok dances. For her latest video, she filmed herself dancing to Drake's song "Toosie Slide." Alexis reposted the TikTok video to her Instagram page to share with her millions of followers, who seem to love watching her perform, especially since she often wears formfitting clothes while dancing.

Alexis wore a black crop top and high-waisted camouflage pants to perform the choreography. She left her curly blond hair loose, where it flowed freely around her body as she danced. The lyrics of "Toosie Slide" are mostly self-explanatory, so Alexis simply followed the song's directions.

The shared footage shows her dancing to the section of the song that goes, "It go right foot up, left foot, slide / Left foot up, right foot, slide." Alexis raised her feet in tandem with the lyrics and then slid across her floor while singing along to Drake's song.

Toward the end of the video, Alexis provocatively shook her booty and swirled in a slow circle. She then leaned in close to the camera while shimmying.

In the caption of her video, Alexis joked that it took her "1000000" times to get the dance routine correct.

Fans absolutely loved the new video, especially because Alexis's famous behind looked fantastic in her tight, figure-enhancing pants. She also flaunted her very toned midriff by wearing a crop top that revealed several inches of bare skin. In less than 10 hours, more than 502,000 people viewed Alexis's sexy video and over 70,600 users liked it.

Thousands of fans took to the comments section to compliment the reality star on her dancing and good looks. However, some fans also noticed that it looked like Alexis did the moves backward, although a few people pointed out that the camera was likely flipped.

"Your body is so lit," raved one user, adding a weary face and heart-eyes emoji to the comment.

"Your [sic] gorgeous and killed it but you still sang the words wrong," wrote a second person, inserting a flame emoji to their remark.

"It's always the simple ones that seem the most complex you did great," complimented a third fan, trailing the message with a simple red heart emoji.

A few days ago, Alexis showed off her smooth moves in a video of herself dancing to "Alkaline" by Side Chick to celebrate reaching 4 million followers on Instagram.