Michelle Money Shares Update On Daughter Brielle As Teen Heads Into Surgery

Bachelor in Paradise star Michelle Money shared an update on Monday afternoon about her daughter Brielle's condition. Earlier in the day, Michelle had revealed that her daughter Brielle was in the ICU at the hospital after a frightening skateboarding accident. Now, she has some additional information to share.

Michelle posted a video on her Instagram page and added a lengthy written caption explaining the current situation. The Bachelor in Paradise star was quite emotional as she explained that Brielle had been taken to surgery. The teen was undergoing a procedure to try and reduce the pressure and remove fluid from her brain.

As difficult as this situation with Brielle is, Michelle explained that it is all the more challenging because of limitations at the hospital in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Because of the virus, only one parent is allowed to be with Brielle during each 24-hour period.

In both her video and the caption, Michelle thanked everybody for their prayers and support. She noted that Brielle's dad Ryan Money is in his car in the parking lot of the hospital, not really knowing what else to do. Michelle's boyfriend, professional golfer Mike Weir, is also looped in but unable to be in the ICU to support Brielle and her mom due to the coronavirus precautions.

In her initial post about Brielle's accident, Michelle explained that her daughter had sustained a severe brain injury and a fractured skull. The teen was put into a medically-induced coma and now she's in what is supposed to be a fairly short surgery to reduce the swelling on her brain.

Michelle's new update noted that Brielle is "stable and pushing," and "doing well." The Bachelor in Paradise star added that the doctors are hopeful that this surgery can get the swelling down so that they can assess how much damage was done and determine the next steps.

Shortly after Michelle's initial post about Brielle's accident, Mike shared some additional information via his Instagram page. He noted that the accident happened Sunday night near their home, and neighbors found Brielle shortly after her fall.

"As of this morning [the doctors] are saying the swelling on her brain is moving in the right direction. Brielle and Michelle are so strong -- we are hoping for the best and your thoughts and prayers are appreciated during this time," Mike wrote.

The Bachelor fans have flooded Michelle's post with love and support, as have a number of franchise veterans. She has promised to keep everybody updated on Brielle's progress and people will be anxious for good news as they root for the teen to recover from this terrifying accident.