Blond Bombshell Antje Utgaard Eats Pizza In Too-Short Crop Top In Racy New Photos

Antje Utgaard gave her 1.8 million Instagram followers something to talk about with her most recent update. On Sunday, March 29, the American Playboy model took to the popular app to upload three snapshots that saw her eating pizza in a skimpy outfit that left little to the imagination.

For the photos, Utgaard sat on a couch with a large pizza box nestled between her legs. The Wisconsin beauty rocked a crop top so short that it bared several inches of her underboobs. The shirt included a print of an open mouth with a bit of its tongue sticking out. Utgaard teamed her crop top with a pair of bright red underwear, which matched the accent tones of the photos. The underwear sat just above her bellybutton and featured high legs that exposed her full, wide hips, in addition to the model's itty bitty waist and toned upper abs.

In all three shots, Utgaard was featured with a slice of pepperoni pizza in her right hand. The first photo showed her with a seductive facial expression with her lips parted. For the second, Utgaard made a silly face, with one eye closed and lips pressed in a pout. The third one saw her smiling brightly and genuinely for the camera.

Utgaard wore her golden tresses swept over to one side and styled down. Her waves were brushed over her right shoulder, coming to a rest on her chest.

In her caption, Utgaard which of the three shots her fans liked the best.

Since being posted, the photos have attracted more than 20,000 likes and upwards of 340 comments. Users of the social media platform flocked to the comments section to rave about Utgaard's hotness and to respond to the question posed in her caption.

"My phone is melting," one user raved, trailing the comment with a fire and a phone emoji.

"3 is my fav," replied another user, topping the message with a heart-eyes emoji.

"[O]h and watch out for your shirt cause she want [sic] some too," a third one chimed in, including a silly face at the end.

"More delicious than the pizza," another one added, following the words with a string of heart-eyes emoji.

Utgaard has been showing off her signature curves during her self-quarantine, proving she is keeping busy while at home. As the The Inquisitr has recently written, the model posted a photo last week in which she sported a gold metallic bikini that did her body nothing but favors. Like her latest update, her bikini photo garnered plenty of interactions.