March 30, 2020
Bella Hadid Sizzles In A White Bikini As She Soaks Up The Sun: 'Lucky To Get Some Vitamin D'

American supermodel Bella Hadid recently took to her Instagram page and completely mesmerized her legions of followers with a hot bikini snap.

In the picture, which was uploaded on Sunday, the stunning model could be seen rocking a skimpy white bikini, one which allowed her to show off an ample amount of cleavage. The tiny ensemble also enabled her to put her taut stomach and sexy thighs on display.

To pose for the picture, she was lying sideways against the backdrop of some plants while soaking up the sun. She placed a hand over her head, slightly puckered her lips, and sexily gazed into the camera to pull off a very seductive look.

Apparently, Bella came out of the swimming pool as her hair was slightly damp. The stunner decided to go for a makeup-free look to prove that she is, indeed, naturally beautiful.

Staying true to her glamorous persona, however, she painted her perfectly-manicured nails with a nude polish.

In the caption, she wrote that she is lucky to get a chance to lie in the sun and absorb some Vitamin D. Within five hours of going live, and as of this writing, the snap has racked up more than 930,000 likes and above 4,500 comments. Fans and followers not only appreciated Bella for her hot figure, but many of them also complimented her natural beauty.

Interestingly, many fans observed that the background of the picture appeared to be photoshopped, so they asked the model who she was trying to crop out of the photo.

"You look absolutely gorgeous in that sexy bikini of yours. What a hot body!" one of her fans commented on the snap.

"Are we going to ignore the fact that Bella is the most beautiful woman in the world?" another user chimed in.

"Why have you edited the background of the picture, Bella? Tell us, we are so curious," a third commenter asked.

Meanwhile, one female follower wrote that she wished she looked like Bella.

"How can someone be this flawless? I can't even! I wish I looked as gorgeous as you, you beauty queen," they wrote.

Other fans used words and phrases like "wife material," "so perfect," and "I am speechless" to praise the hottie.

Per usual, many celebrities, models and Instagram influencers also liked and commented on the picture to appreciate the stunner. These included Gizele Oliveira, Dani Duke, Lauren Dascalo, and Kylie Jenner.