Fitness Influencer Demi Bagby Pulls A Jeep With A Rope And Performs Various Exercises On The Vehicle

Demi turned the automobile into a gym.

Demi Bagby takes a mirror selfie.
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Demi turned the automobile into a gym.

Fitness influencer Demi Bagby wowed her fans by using a jeep to show off her impressive strength, balance, and agility. The 19-year-old bodybuilder also scored major points for creativity by turning the jeep into her own personal gym. However, most people wouldn’t be able to perform the difficult workout routine that the incredible athlete crafted around her unusual piece of exercise equipment.

For her latest fitness video, Demi rocked a white sports bra with a strappy back and a pair of tight shorts that featured a black, purple, and blue print. She was shown holding a thick rope that was tied to the front of a white jeep. Demi pulled the heavy vehicle a few feet forward in a nearly empty parking lot. She then abruptly stopped pulling, dropped the rope, and placed her hands on the vehicle’s front bumper. She stopped the forward momentum that she had created by pushing the jeep back in the opposite direction.

For her next exercise, Demi did push-ups on top of the jeep. She placed her hands on the vehicle’s hood and her feet on its roof so that her body was angled. She then performed a modified version of box jumps by jumping up on the vehicle’s front bumper.

Some of the other exercises that Demi performed included standing push-ups using the jeep’s front bumper, one-legged squats over one of its tires, and sit-ups with her upper body hanging out of the vehicle’s window. She then did a handstand on the jeep’s roof, where she demonstrated her amazing balance and flexibility by moving her legs around in graceful circles and spreading them wide apart. After performing a few more exercises, she concluded her workout by doing a back flip off of the jeep’s front bumper.

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As of this writing, the video of Demi demonstrating how to turn a jeep into a gym has received over 47,000 likes.

“Honestly you never fail to inspire me,” read one response to her post.

“Who knew a Jeep would come in so handy for working out,” another fan wrote.

“You are a legend,” a third admirer remarked.

“I love how everyone is getting creative! It makes workouts even more fun!! Love your posts!” read a fourth comment.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Demi entertained her fans by creating another unconventional piece of workout equipment in a video that she uploaded earlier this month. The petite powerhouse was shown squirting soap on her kitchen floor to create a makeshift treadmill. However, instead of simply running in place, she also performed the splits a few times during her “quarantine cardio” workout.