Marie Osmond Shows Off All-Natural Look In Makeup-Free Instagram Video

Marie Osmond looked stunning in a bare-faced new Instagram share. The Donny & Marie star, 60, posted a message to fans as she got ready for a special "The Talk Chat Live" segment on the social media platform.

In the video, Marie's brown hair was worn down with loose waves and she had virtually nothing on her face as she got ready for the live segment alone at home without her glam squad in sight. Her natural look was very different from the full glamorous look she usually has while on stage and on The Talk panel.

"I really wish my hair and makeup people would join me," she told fans, giving a shoutout to her hairstylist Lori Rozman.

In comments to the video, fans told Marie she looked beautiful and they thanked her for keeping it real.

"You don't need 'people,'" one fan wrote. "You are beautiful and look much younger without so much make-up!"

"You look great without makeup Marie!" another follower added.

"You look different without makeup or a bunch of it that is..... you look good!" remarked a third admirer.

"Go natural. Why cover up so much beauty?" a fourth social media user asked.

When another fan asked Marie where the black dot on the side of her left eye is, she revealed that she covered it with skin-colored sunscreen that she uses.

Other fans defended Marie against haters who picked apart her appearance and accused her of having had too much Botox and plastic surgery.

Marie is known for her youthful looks, but fans rarely see her without makeup.

As for the secret to her youthful looks, Marie previously told Parade that she learned how to take care of her skin decades ago when she was doing the Donny & Marie show with her brother Donny Osmond in the late 1970s. She revealed that, at the time, she had to go to a high-end dermatologist for her acne.

"We wore so much makeup then, but my mom always told me to wash my face every night," Marie said.

As she aged and began to see bumps, sags, and fine lines on her face, she began a formal skincare routine that includes wrinkle creams and retinol concentrate. She has also said she tries to limit her stress. Fans know that Marie is also very strong in her faith, stays close to her family, and always tries to stay positive.