Katya Elise Henry Wears Snug-Fitting Workout Gear & Spreads Her Legs While Sitting On Her Kitchen Counter

Instagram babe Katya Elise Henry impressed her fans with a stunning new photo shared earlier this evening. The model advertised for Blessed Protein while hanging out in her kitchen. She wore form-fitting clothing that hugged her flawless curves.

She rocked a black bikini top from her swimwear line, Kiss My Peach. The fabric overlapped in the front to create an adorable pattern. Her snug top showed off the shapely silhouette of her breasts and revealed her plunging cleavage to her 7.2 million Instagram followers.

Aside from her chest, the model also showed off her flat, smooth stomach and one of her tattoos. Katya's lower half was clad in tight dark leggings that accentuated her waist. Her leggings were from her Workouts by Katya line.

Katya set up her camera on a tripod a few feet in front of her and then hopped on top of her kitchen counter. She spread her legs wide apart and settled her weight on her hand to lift herself off the counter by a few inches. While chewing her lower lip, Katya made a playful expression. She looked to the side while her front angled toward the camera.

For her makeup, Katya opted for a simple look to highlight her natural beauty. She groomed her eyebrows and added a little bit of pink lipstick to her plump lips. Beyond that, it appeared she wore some mascara and foundation. To complete her look, the stunner left her hair in loose waves that cascaded down her front.

Aside from her clothing, the model also added several accessories to her overall look, including a gold choker, gold rings, a gold bracelet, and a silver bracelet. She balanced her promotional Blessed Protein cup on her knee.

In less than two hours, Katya's photo blew up on Instagram. It accumulated over 47,500 likes, and more than 500 people have commented on it. Multiple people asked her questions about her protein shake, wondering what the best flavor was and how often she drank them.

"I Love it GORGEOUS & BEAUTIFUL," wrote one admirer. They trailed their comment with multiple emoji.

"Matching nails with your logo, genius," praised another person.

"Of all the picture you put I love the hair and the expression of your face love it," complimented a third fan.

"U are something...very good!!!" added a fourth commenter.

A couple of days ago, The Inquisitr reported that Katya had teased her followers yet again with a sexy pic of herself wearing racy red lingerie.