Meghan Markle Was The 'Driving Force' Behind Prince Harry Giving Up 'Everything,' Says Royal Reporter

A royal reporter is claiming that Meghan Markle was the "driving force" between the duke and duchess's decision to leave behind royal life. The former Suits actress and her husband, Prince Harry, dominated headlines after they shocked the world with their sudden announcement this past January that they would step back from senior royal life. The two are set to leave the monarchy officially on March 31.

According to The Express, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams claimed Meghan was the one spearheading the decision, following a series of public relations troubles she experienced the previous fall and summer.

"Meghan is undoubtedly the main force behind the change which has led to Harry give up everything he has been brought up to value," Fitzwilliams stated.

The royal expert added that he believed Meghan pushed for the royal exit because she missed being in the "celebrity world" and hoped to return to it.

"She will welcome a return to the celebrity world she knows and loves and has friends like Oprah, the Clooney's, Serena Williams and Jennifer Lopez who will help them achieve financial self-sufficiency and earn megabucks," he added.

Meghan and Harry recently had dinner with Lopez and her fiancé, former baseball star Alex Rodriguez, after the duke and duchess spoke at a JPMorgan conference in Miami earlier this year.

Fitzsimmons also claimed that though the decision to pursue financial independence away from the royal family will be reassessed in a year, he believed that the couple has "no intention" of returning to the royal family.

"It is clear however, that at present they have no intention whatsoever of changing their mind, though the Queen has emphasized that they will be welcome back if they do," the royal commentator concluded.

prince harry and meghan markle in red
Getty Images | Simon Dawson

The final point seems to echo other claims from royal sources, who have stated that Harry, Meghan, and Archie remain "very loved" despite their decision to leave the royal fold for North America, as was previously covered by The Inquisitr.

However, these statements of support might not extend to the Cambridges, who were notably frosty when greeting Harry and Meghan during their final engagement as royals. Prince William gave the Sussex duo a cursory hello, while it appeared Kate Middleton hardly acknowledged the pair.

Though many believe Meghan pioneered the departure from royal life, Harry seems to be completely on board with the move.

In a recent phone call where he was fooled into believing two Russian pranksters were teenager eco-activist Greta Thunberg and her father, Harry claimed that he agreed with the decision to step down from public life in order to protect his family, per the BBC.