Fitness Model Pamela Reif Gets Attacked By A Crow While Doing Yoga In A Pink Bikini

German fitness model Pamela Reif was trying to enjoy a peaceful yoga session outdoors when she was attacked by a crow. Unfortunately, because she was wearing a tiny bikini that left a lot of her skin exposed, she didn't escape her close encounter with the brazen bird unscathed.

On Friday, Pamela took to Instagram to share the wild video of the crow attack with her 4.6 million followers. The 23-year-old fitness enthusiast was shown sporting a hot pink bikini. Her bandeau-style top had thin shoulder straps, and her bottoms appeared to be a classic thong design with high-cut leg openings.

Pamela was warming up for her workout by doing a few breathing exercises. She inhaled and exhaled as she raised her arms up over her head and lowered them, making large sweeping arcs out to her sides. She then began stretching by leaning over and placing the palms of her hands on the ground. She had spread her legs further apart and was bending over to grasp her left foot with both hands when the crow swooped down.

Pamela's avian attacker dove down and scraped its sharp claws across her back before swooping back up into the air. The fitness model immediately hopped up and began feeling her back with her hands as she moved toward the camera.

Pamela spoke in German after the attack, but she added English subtitles to her video. She described the feeling of the bird on her back as "wet." After gasping and expressing shock over the crow's behavior, she resumed her workout.

Pamela's Instagram post included a photo of the carnage the crow caused. The bird left multiple scratch marks on her lower back, including a very long one that drew blood.

According to Pamela's geotag, her painful animal encounter took place during her stay in the Maldives.

As of this writing, Pamela's video has been liked over 112,000 times. Her Instagram followers also had a lot to say about it in the comments section of her post.

"Girl you got some real pain tolerance, if that happened to me I would've started crying immediately," wrote one fan.

"OMG haha crows are a sign of magic, destiny & intelligence," another commenter remarked.

"Good thing you weren't in a downward facing dog!" a third follower quipped.

"Wow! That bird is totally in love with you like the rest of mankind!" a fourth admirer gushed.

While Pamela's followers clearly found her crow encounter entertaining, it's usually the social media influencer's witty captions that add a little something extra to her Instagram uploads. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she compared the hair on her legs to the prickly spines of a cactus in the caption of a set of stunning bikini photos.