Bikini Model Abby Rao Lets It All Hang Out In A Tiny Pink Crop Top

Abby Rao clicks a selfie.
Abby Rao / Instagram

Instagram sensation Abby Rao put her busty assets on display in a skimpy crop top in one of her most recent photo shares. The sizzling bikini model went braless under a teeny pink tank top as she posed for a sun-kissed snapshot in the garden. The American hottie rocked a sexy-casual look, teaming up her barely-there top with a comfy pair of beige sweatpants. She showed off the outfit in a triple-pic update posted to social media on Tuesday, driving fans into a meltdown with her scorching vibe.

Abby exuded sensuality in the gripping upload, proving that she can make any outfit look seductive. The blond bombshell was photographed in profile, flashing some serious sideboob in the deep-cut top. The garment was a snug, ribbed number that fit tightly around her trim midsection and stretched to accommodate her buxom curves. The item sported thin spaghetti straps that highlighted the scanty design and lured the gaze to her sculpted shoulder.

While the top was not cleavage-flaunting, with its square neckline that still displayed plenty of decolletage, her ample chest was a focal point of the shots, along with her bared midriff. The photos captured her from the hip up, emphasizing her killer curves. The 22-year-old stunner oozed an air of sexy nonchalance as she posed with her hands stuffed in her pockets. In the first shot, she sultrily tilted her head to the side to face the camera with an intense gaze and provocatively parted lips. The second snap showed her basking in the sunlight with her eyes closed. For the third and final pic, she threw her head back laughing, winning the hearts of her fans with her beaming smile.

The pics also offered a gorgeous view of a garden in bloom, showing a glimpse of a sumptuous white villa engulfed in vegetation. Abby posed by the entrance to the property and was snapped next to a blue wrought iron gate. A dense thicket unfolded in the background, covered in crimson flowers. A luxurious palm tree towered over the gate, adding a tropical vibe to the lush natural setting.

Ever the glam queen, Abby completed her look with a chic makeup application that included shimmering white eyeshadow, dark eyeliner, and mascara. She added color to her cheeks with a pinch of blush and wore a pearly pink lipstick that matched her revealing top. The model accessorized with shiny stud earrings and a chain necklace from Rachelment The Label, which she tagged in her photos.

The look brought followers to the comments section by the masses, racking up more than 1,770 comments in addition to 226,100-plus likes.

“Ur [sic] my fav wow love you,” wrote one fan, adding an in-love face emoji and a pleading face emoji.

“You should have dropped these earlier,” a second follower said of the photos.

“Seeing you smile makes my days now,” remarked a third Instragrammer, ending with a heart-eyes emoji.

“Abby I love you [heart emoji] have a good day,” penned one of the many admirers who declared their love for the model in gushing messages.