Fitness Model Valentina Lequeux Flaunts Gym-Honed Figure & Pert Booty In Thong Bikini

Valentina Lequeux takes a mirror selfie in the bathroom.
Valentina Lequeux / Instagram

Valentina Lequeux is an Instagram fitness model who boasts 1.8 million followers on the popular social media site. She enjoys imparting advice and tips onto her followers while also showing off her sculpted figure and exercise demonstration videos.

On Wednesday, the blond beauty took to the photo-sharing site to flaunt her enviable physique in a tiny bikini while also giving her followers advice on how to improve their glutes. In the two-photo post, Valentina stuns in a bright orange two-piece string bikini with a beautiful ocean view in the background. The thong bottoms put her sculpted glutes on full display while her muscles are visible beneath her bare, bronzed skin.

In the first photo, the model stands with her back to the camera as she tilts her head to the side and slightly back, letting her thick, blond tresses cascade freely down her back, reaching nearly to her backside. She flashes a bright white smile toward the camera while showing off thick lashes and black-lined eyes.

The second photo differs slightly in that Valentina is photographed as she flips her head and hair back, her thick locks captured as they fall back into position. With her arms stretched up above her head, the model shows off her chiseled bicep muscles and toned tummy.

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????????3 reasons why your glutes aren’t improving ???????? – Nowadays everyone is looking to improve their booty! And I totally get it and support the quest! We all love a well shaped round booty! Men or women, a great and NATURAL ass is a sign of hard work and dedication. However with the excess of information we have in social media we can get super confused with what to do and what to pay attention. – 1️⃣You are not having full awareness of your muscles and biomechanics of your glutes. Since they are a group of muscles in our rear, it’s way harder to have proper muscle mind connection and to understand what group of muscles and joints cause them to move, stretch and contract! To work on this, it’s great to practice isometrics with bands or cable machines. Pick a light weight and perform a rep holding at the top and squeezing while you connect your mind with the desired muscle to work. 2️⃣You are not RECOVERING enough! With the excess of information, you have access to countless of athletes and coaches. And I’m sure you have seen people with great results saying they train them from once to every day! Essentially any frequency will bring you similar or the same results as long as they are trained hard enough and recovered well enough before the next session! So listen to your body and be honest with yourself! Lifting while you are super sore will be counterproductive. 3️⃣You are not being consist with your nutrition. As mentioned before recovery is as Important as frequency! During the recovery process you need to make sure your body is well nourished! So your muscles can have the necessary nutrients to repair and build new tissue! And by well nourished I mean a healthy calorie surplus with a proper macronutrient split! Eating randomly will gain you unnecessary fat or most likely you won’t be consistently in a surplus so you end up stuck in the same shape.

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In the caption of the post, Valentina gives her followers advice on how to improve their booty, leaving three potential reasons as to why they may not be seeing results. She adds that with an excess of information on social media, it can be easy to get confused and not know what to do.

The first reason that the model points out is that they may not have full awareness of their muscles and the biomechanics of their glutes. The second reason is that they aren’t allowing their body to recover enough. Finally, Valentina explains that they may not be consistent with nutrition.

The post earned over 40,000 likes and hundreds of comments in the first day of being posted. Many of Valentina’s followers thanked her for the advice and explained their own difficulties with improving their glutes. Others gushed over the model’s fantastic figure, calling her “beautiful” and “goals.”

“Soo much respect for your dedication and hard work. You inspire me soooooo much,” one Instagram user commented.

“You look absolutely stunning,” another social media user penned, following up with a heart-eyed emoji.

“Just what I needed to hear!” yet another fan chimed in.