Fitness Model Michelle Lewin Rocks Scrunch-Butt Leggings In Workout Video With Hilarious Twist

Fitness model Michelle Lewin had her fans in hysterics with her latest workout video. On Wednesday, the 33-year-old Venezuelan social media sensation took to Instagram to share the humorous video with her 13.6 million followers.

The short clip began with a shot of Michelle doing standing bicep curls with dumbbells. She was alternating arms as she performed the move. The dedicated athlete was rocking a black sports bra that featured mesh paneling on the upper portion of the garment. She was also sporting a pair of textured red workout leggings that were so tight that they almost looked painted on. Michelle's workout outfit perfectly showcased her fit physique. It provided a peek at her defined abs, and her strong arms were completely uncovered.

The camera zoomed in on Michelle's upper body as upbeat Latin music played in the background. The stunning fitness enthusiast gave the camera a flirty smile, but she didn't stop exercising. Her husband, Swedish bodybuilder Jimmy Lewin, began providing narration for the video as the camera circled Michelle. It stopped when it reached the blond bombshell's peachy backside, pausing to give fans an up-close view of the scrunch-butt back of her skintight leggings.

"Alright guys, I know she's hot and all that, but here in this video, there's nothing to see⁠—" Jimmy began.

The bodybuilder stuttered a bit when his wife's backside came into view. The camera then slowly panned down Michelle's shapely legs.

"Okay, let's see. It will not end well," Jimmy warned Michelle's fans. "It will not end well."

As Jimmy was talking, the camera cut to a shot of the same scrunch-butt leggings in a different color. Instead of bright red, they were sky blue. The camera slowly panned up the legs of the garment to the seat of the leggings, which was being shaken back and forth. Their wearer then jumped around and faced the camera.

"Told you!" a smiling Jimmy said.

As of this writing, Michelle's video has been liked over 57,000 times. In the caption of her post, she joked that some of her fans were likely regretting not heeding Jimmy's warning. However, many of her Instagram followers responded to her video by letting her know that they found it hilarious and entertaining. The comments section was flooded with rolling on the floor laughing and crying-laughing emoji.

"You guys make the best videos," wrote one fan.

"It ended well for me hahaha," another commenter remarked.

"Jimmy must workout. Had me fooled," read a third response to Michelle's post.

"Lmfaoooo love your videos!" gushed a fourth admirer.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Michelle delighted her fans last week by sharing a different crazy video on her Instagram page. It included previously unseen footage of the time a wild pig bit her on the butt when she was vacationing in The Bahamas.