Miley Cyrus Cuts Cody Simpson’s Hair While Wearing Sheer Thigh-High Stockings & A Lace Bra

Kevin Winter / Victor BoykoGetty Images

Cody Simpson posted a series of sexy, new black-and-white photos of himself and girlfriend Miley Cyrus where the singer is wearing sheer thigh-high stockings and a lacy bra as she attempts to give her love of four months a haircut.

In the racy image’s caption, Cody said the couple was partaking in “Superbowl supercuts.”

In the first of the sequence of two photos, Cody is seen leaning on Miley’s leg, which is covered in a thigh-high stocking topped with a black band. The former Hannah Montana star’s head is cropped out of the first photo as she takes a selfie in the mirror.

The couple is posing together in a room that has two Lucite tables placed on both the right and left sides of a doorway, atop of which are books. Also seen are several large pieces of artwork that are hung above the tables.

Behind Miley and Cody appears to be a walk-in closet where many pairs of shoes can be seen.

The “Mother’s Daughter” singer is holding a pair of scissors in her right hand as she takes the photo with her left.

Miley is wearing a tiny, black lace bra and thong underwear in the first image; the thin straps of the lingerie are worn high on her hips.

Cody is looking away from the camera in the revealing photo, offering his hair to Miley as his chin rests on her thigh, which is covered in a sheer stocking.

In the second image, the couple shared a full-body shot.

Miley is seen with her hair piled high atop her head in the black-and-white pic. Her right hand is holding scissors close to the right side of her lover’s hair as he looks down and away from the camera. The former teen pop idol has a half-smirk on her face as she flaunts her toned form for the sassy selfie.

Both Miley and Cody’s many tattoos were visible in the images. The dark ink of the tattoos appears to be even more striking on the couple’s light skin in the black-and-white photos.

Fans loved the images and shared their thoughts regarding the saucy pics in the comments section.

“So beautiful,” said one fan of the couple.

“If you live-streamed this, I’d totally watch it over the Super Bowl,” noted a second social media user.

“Thank you for the information and I wish you a nice Sunday evening,” joked a third fan, attempting to add a humorous twist to the dark, sexy pics.