February 1, 2020
Natalie Roser Shows Off Incredible Figure In A Pink Bikini On Instagram

Natalie Roser has been dropping a stream of bikini and lingerie pics on her Instagram page for the last six days, and she kept the streak going with her newest share. The model showed off her incredible figure in a pink bikini, and the update was a short video clip that was taken by Natalie herself.

The Aussie stunner stood in a bathroom and used a mirror's reflection for the clip. She was standing and swaying her hips from side to side while holding her black phone with her left hand.

The bikini that she wore was from Guess, and it featured the brand's logo throughout. The top was a classic triangle-cut piece, and the bottoms had long side straps that fell down her upper thighs.

The video clip began with the camera zoomed out, although the model quickly zoomed in on her reflection. Her skin looked very tan and shiny, as she may have been wearing bronzer. Either way, her ripped abs were hard to miss, and the rest of her physique was just as toned.

The stunner also wore her hair down in a middle part and down in soft curls.

She didn't wear any accessories, which kept the focus solely on her body.

The room that she was in was decorated with a marine theme. Behind Natalie was a piece of decor that looked like a boat's steering wheel, and there was a small fish sculpture placed above it. The mirror had an ornate, leaf-inspired design around the edges. The counter beneath the mirror was lined with hair and makeup products.

Natalie's adoring followers headed to the comments section to share these messages.

"So weird I thought this was me YOURE AMAZING!" joked an admirer.

"Oh come on! This is unreal! Wow," gushed a fan.

"Sometimes i gotta just shake my head at your make up.. like as a person. Your human DNA. Like what a beautiful person and what a stunning physique you have. Literally one of the most beautiful people on the planet. Seem like such a nice person too. How odd," mused a supporter.

"You're an angel," complimented a fourth social media user.

In addition, the bombshell recently shared a swimsuit photo four days ago. The first photo of the set was of Natalie sitting on her left knee as she did the half-splits. Her black bikini top had thin straps and a low neckline, and her bottoms had a thong-style cut.