A Teenage Girl Is Accusing Scores, A Nationwide Strip Club Chain, Of Sex Trafficking & Abuse

A neon sign outside an adult club
geralt / Pixabay

Scores in Tampa, Florida, has come under fire for allegedly encouraging the sexual abuse and trafficking of a developmentally disabled teenage girl, reports ABC News.

The young “Jane Doe” who filed a lawsuit against the club described herself as being emotionally disturbed, according to the report. She claimed that back in 2017, at only 13-years-old, she was taken to Scores Tampa, and within half an hour, her male acquaintance had coaxed her into performing sexually explicit acts.

8 On Your Side wrote that the man, Roberto “Bobbie” Torres III, was hoping to “indoctrinate her into an adult sexualized lifestyle” and “illegally [expose] her to adult entertainment establishments.”

He did so by encouraging Jane Doe into running away, thereby indebting the teen to him. Neither article divulges any details about her home life or family.

The lawsuit alleges negligence, sexual abuse of a minor, and several other charges. It stated that Scores “knew the risks of involving a minor in the adult entertainment industry and how to mitigate those risks.”

There were several other defendants detailed in the suit, all of whom were reportedly aware of what was going on with the teenager and who assisted Torres in “achieving his illegal and abusive goals.”

Not only was the teen allegedly forced to work in a sexually-charged atmosphere as a minor, but she also conducted several one-on-one sessions with male customers at the club.

According to ABC News, the accuser was hired for several days despite her age. The management staff reportedly declined to verify any of her information, including her name and age.

While the accuser is specifically taking aim at the Tampa branch, the outlet noted that the rumored abuse of power has supposedly taken place at several locations in the nationwide chain.

When reporters from ABC News reached out to the Scores Holding Company for comment, they declined. However, 8 On Your Side received a response from Luke Lirot, the company’s attorney.

Lirot’s lengthy statement argued that his clients were not responsible for crimes inflicted upon Jane Doe. He asserted that the blame should fall on the shoulders of the two Torres men explicitly mentioned in the lawsuit.

“It is unfortunate that ‘Jane Doe’ is being forced to relive whatever adversities were occasioned on her by the Torres’ misdeeds, but my clients are not responsible for forcing any further discomfort on ‘Jane Doe.'”

The Scores gentleman’s clubs were among the first widely recognized adult entertainment locations in the country. The first Scores opened in Manhattan, New York, in the 1990s.