Fitness Model Michie Peachie Trains Legs In White Crop Top And Gray Leggings For New Video Series

Michie Peachie poses for a selfie on her Instagram page
Michie Peachie / Instagram

Fitness model Michie Peachie demonstrated a leg-focused weightlifting routine in the most recent video series on her Instagram page. Dressed in a white crop top and gray two-toned leggings, the brunette beauty used a Smith weight machine in the two-video update. She started the workout with an exercise that’s called the “Good Morning” and is typically performed by bending at the waist with a barbell placed on the shoulders. Michie’s version of the exercise was a little different in that she kicked one leg back as she bent forward. While she knocked out her reps, Michie advised against using a heavy weight when doing this exercise and recommended doing four sets of 10 to 12 reps each.

In the second video, she showed fans how to do a single-leg kneeling squat. For this exercise she maintained the same setup that viewers saw in the previous clip, the main difference being that she kneeled with one stretched in front of her before the began her reps.

“We’re kicking one leg out and we’re using one leg to push all the weight,” she said. “Now you would do everything the same as if you were doing a double-leg kneeling squat.” During the clip, Michie also advised viewers to keep their hips even during the workout and suggested the same number of reps and sets as the previous exercise.

Despite her explanations in the video, fans had lots of questions for Michie in the comments section. One commenter wondered whether the kneeling or standing leg was active during the squat. Michie responded and said that the kneeling leg is the one that’s doing all of the work during the exercise.

“We are just simply and safely putting aside the opposite (extended leg) so we can focus solely on the working leg (kneeling leg),” Michie said.

Another fan seemed excited about trying the workout for themselves.

“I’ve never tried these before! Doing these on leg day! Thank you for sharing!!!” they wrote before adding a series of fire emoji to their comment.

And then there were those who just seemed enthralled by Michie’s appearance.

“You killing it gorgeous,” an Instagram user said. “You’re so fantastic.”

Others asked about her workout attire, and Michie said that they’re from Bombshell Sportswear, a brand she’s worn in several previous videos. While she didn’t share the name of the leggings that she wore, a glance at the company’s website revealed that Bombshell calls them the “Thigh-Highs,” and they retail for $86. The white Bombshell logo tee that Michie wore sells for $42.