Natalie Portman Gives The Dolly Parton Challenge Her Own Unique Spin With Emily Ratajkowski And Other Celebs

Natalie Portman took part in the Dolly Parton Challenge, but she didn't appear in any of the four photos that she included in her social media collage. Instead, as noted by People Magazine, the Thor actress used snapshots of some of her celebrity lookalikes.

The latest viral challenge that has taken the internet by storm was started by 74-year-old country music legend Dolly Parton. On her Instagram page, the iconic 9 to 5 star shared a set of four different images that she thought were suitable for her LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder profiles. Numerous other celebrities have since followed suit by sharing their own quartets of pictures, including Natalie. However, the 38-year-old brunette beauty decided to play by her own rules for the challenge.

For their LinkedIn photos, most celebrities have been using images of themselves rocking professional, office-appropriate attire. However, Natalie used a photo of 15-year-old Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown wearing a gray button-up shirt. Natalie's Facebook photo was a snapshot of TV chef Giada De Laurentiis rocking a plaid flannel shirt. For her Instagram image, Natalie chose a picture of her Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace costar Kiera Knightley. The British actress was rocking a stylish patterned dress and posing beside a tree in a photo from a fashion shoot.

Like many celebrities, Natalie chose a sexy snapshot for her Tinder photo. However, once again, the woman pictured in the image was not her; it was bikini model and actress Emily Ratajkowski. The Gone Girl star was rocking a leopard-print two-piece and posing on a sandy beach.

In the caption of her post, Natalie jokingly asked her followers if she was doing Dolly's viral challenge right.

As of this writing, Natalie's photo collage has been liked over 254,000 times. Emily responded to her lookalike's tribute with the hashtag "honored," and Russian Doll actress Natasha Lyonne awarded Natalie with a 100 emoji for each of her four picture choices.

Natalie's followers were quick to note that the women whose images she borrowed are all celebrities whose looks are often compared to her own.

"Don't forget Winona Ryder," wrote one fan.

"Love it! Haha actually some #twinning or #cloning go on with these!" read a second response to her post.

"Hahahahahaha, wait whats really really crazy tho is that's actually accurate, because alot of people don't use their real photos on Tinder, and also the Millie reference is actually accurate because you definitely look similar," a third admirer remarked.

"You win this challenge tbh," wrote a fourth fan.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Janet Jackson is another of the many celebrities who have taken part in Dolly's social media challenge. However, the singer used photos of herself for her Instagram post.