Audrey Roloff Shares Photo Of Bare Postpartum Belly And Gets Real About Post-Birth Woes

Audrey shared her post-birth struggles and said that she wished someone would have warned her about what was coming.

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Audrey shared her post-birth struggles and said that she wished someone would have warned her about what was coming.

Audrey Roloff was applauded by fans after baring her postpartum stomach on Instagram and getting real about what happens to a woman’s body after giving birth. On Wednesday, the 28-year-old Little People Big World star shared a photo of herself holding her baby boy, Bode, curled up against her chest. Audrey was rocking a black sports bra and black sweatpants, and she had the bottoms slightly pulled down to show off her small belly bulge.

Audrey’s photo of her post-birth body was accompanied by a lengthy caption documenting some of the many struggles she’s dealt with after giving birth. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she and her husband, Jeremy Roloff, welcomed their second child on January 8.

Audrey revealed that she’s been rewarded with plenty of “newborn snuggles and heart melting moments” since meeting little Bode. However, the joy of childbirth was also followed by a difficult ongoing recovery period that has included a lot of pain and sacrifice. Her list of post-birth woes included breast swelling, pelvic pain, discomfort from her stitches “down there,” light-headedness from postpartum hemorrhaging, and sore muscles from going through labor.

Audrey revealed that she experienced postpartum contractions that were worse this time around than they were after her first birth. She also wrote that Bode was contributing to her pains by chomping her “nipples to shreds” while breastfeeding.

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Just keepin it real over here ???????? while this past week has been full of newborn snuggles and heart melting moments… it’s also been really hard. With Ember and Bode I had really great pregnancies and labor/delivery experiences (will share Bode’s birth story on the podcast @behindthescenespodcast soon????) but once that 4th trimester hits???? my body just gets hit hard with all the things… Thankfully this time I could draw from past experience and fought off getting mastitis 5 days postpartum like last time???? Still… my milk comes in fast and furious, both my babies chomped my nipples to shreds on day one, and my milk is the brevé kind???? so engorgement is at least 5x my normal bra size… Thankfully, Mr. 9 pounder Bode boy is a much more efficient eater than Ember girl was (he was already back at his birth weight by 5 days old!) Along with the booby pains… there’s the stitches and other pains “down there”, the body aches/light headedness (I hemmoraged pretty bad this time) the pelvic bones that feel broken, the postpartum contractions (so much worse with second baby????) sore muscles from labor, etc. I share all this because I don’t think enough people share about their postpartum journey. We are so excited to share birth stories and document our whole pregnancies but then postpartum hits and nothing… I wish someone would have better prepared me the first time around or been more honest about all the after-birth pains. So here I am ????????showing up with my 1 week postpartum belly exposed and telling you my body hurts. But despite the physical pains, I know these weeks of forced slow-down are exactly what my body and heart needs. REST. So if you’re in this season of life too, give yourself permission to rest and heal. I’m letting go of the pressure to rush back into working out, my social life, household chores, my pre-pregnancy clothes, or any kind of commitment that conflicts with recovery and rest. Something that’s very hard for us enneagram 8’s to adhere too ???? I have to remind myself every day that rest is one of the most productive things I can do right now???????? So I’ll be here with a baby on my chest, in milk stained pj’s, embracing JOMO (the joy of missing out)✌????

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Audrey revealed that one reason she decided to share such graphic descriptions of her postpartum problems was because she doesn’t feel that enough women talk about all the different physical issues that they struggle with after giving birth. According to the reality show star, she wishes she would have been forewarned about the harsh reality of the painful recovery process that begins after having a baby.

“I wish someone would have better prepared me the first time around or been more honest about all the after-birth pains.”

Audrey also wrote about how she’s had to force herself to relax and recover from her pregnancy. She noted that it can be hard for some women, herself included, to avoid putting self-imposed pressure on themselves to start working out, doing housework, and fulfilling social obligations immediately after giving birth.

Audrey’s Instagram post has received over 150,000 likes so far. Thousands of her followers also took to the comments section to let her know that they appreciated her honesty about what she was going through. Many of them were mothers or moms-to-be who agreed with Audrey’s remarks about wishing she’d been better prepared for what to expect after giving birth.

“You have NO idea how I wish someone would of warned me of all the postpartum pains and aches… that’s what left me traumatized. I was not mentally prepared for the that 4 trimester horror!!” wrote one fan.

“Thank you for being so genuine and real!” read another response to Audrey’s post. “I am due with our first baby in July and I feel like I have a lot to learn so thank you for being so open with your experiences, I know I appreciate it!”