Hungarian Fitness Model Anita Herbert Squats Low In Skintight Camo-Print Shorts For New Video Series

Anita Herbert poses for a photo on her Instagram page
Anita Herbert / Instagram

Hungarian fitness model Anita Herbert gave her fans a dose of workout inspiration on Monday morning with the latest video series on her Instagram page. In the clips, the brunette beauty trained her enviably toned physique at the gym while wearing a pair of camo-print shorts and a black crop top, the latter boasting the words “Fit Queen” emblazoned on it in white letters. She paired her flattering activewear with black sneakers and matching socks, while her black pin-straight locks were swept into a ponytail.

In the first video, Anita squatted low with a barbell plate over her head. The second clip saw her perform a set of sumo squats into overhead presses. She used the plate in the third clip as well, completing a round of drop squats, raising the weight in front of her with each repetition.

Anita switched things up in the fourth video. Not only did she change out of a cropped t-shirt into a short tank top, but she also started doing lunges instead of squats. She ditched the barbell plate for a dumbbell in this video, too.

She went back to doing squats again in the fifth clip, though, but this time she jumped into a plank after each one.

A long resistance band made its first appearance in the sixth video, aiding her in a set of pistol squats. She did the one-legged exercise with one end of the band wrapped around her midsection. In the seventh and last video, she performed another version of the exercise, but this time she held onto the band with her hands.

In the comments section, fans showered Anita with praise.

“I love watching you do these exercises because I can see which muscles are really performing!!” one person wrote.

“You are a wonderful woman I admire you so much,” a second admirer added.

“You, Jana Breslin and Michelle Lewin are the most fit ladies on the internet,” a third commenter wrote.

“Wow nice superset babe,” a fourth Instagram user commented.

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Anita previously shared a workout demonstration for the lower body on her Instagram page earlier this month. On that occasion, she trained out her legs and glutes with dumbbells and resistance bands.

In the caption of said post, she recommended doing these exercises consistently in order to attain optimal results.

“Just 1 ‘Leg Day’ with your boyfriend is NOT going to cut it,” she wrote. “You need to train your glutes 2-3x per week with a wide variety of exercises, rep ranges, tempo, perfecting angles etc.”