Kate Beckinsale Stretches Her Leg Up In the Air While Rocking Her Underwear And Petting Her Cat

Kate was getting ready for the Critics' Choice Awards.

Kate Beckinsale attends the 25th Annual Critics' Choice Awards
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Kate was getting ready for the Critics' Choice Awards.

Kate Beckinsale showed off her impressive flexibility while getting ready for the Critics’ Choice Awards.

On Sunday night, the 46-year-old Underworld actress took to Instagram to give her fans an inside look at her red carpet preparations. In a short video, Kate was shown clad in a pair of tiny white underwear and what appeared to be a long-sleeved T-shirt that the creative star was wearing as a tube top. She had seemingly pulled the neck of the shirt down below her armpits and tied the sleeves in front of her bust.

The athletic actress was shown sitting on a tall bar chair as she stretched her right leg up in the air and out to the side. Her makeup artist, Rob Scheppy, was using a brush to apply lotion on the long, lean limb. Kate’s left leg was curled up in front of her on the upholstered leather seat of her chair.

The petite star was sharing the small space with one of her fluffy Persian cats, Clive. The feline was lying between Kate’s legs with his head resting on her left thigh. He was staying completely still, save for his twitching tail dangling from the side of the chair.

Kate scratched the contented kitty’s head as Rob finished giving her leg a nice golden glow. Her hairstylist, Peter Savic, was also helping her get ready for the Critics’ Choice Awards by using a curling iron to style her shiny, light brown hair into perfect waves. While all of this was going on, a straight-faced Kate was listening to the 1999 TLC song, “No Scrubs.”

A number of celebrities responded to Kate’s video, including Paris Hilton. The heiress left a cat emoji with heart-eyes in the comments section of her post.

“Legs 4 days. Kiss Peter for me. Tell him I’m a lesbian now! He’ll be so happy for me,” wrote Jawbreaker star Rose McGowan.

Many of Kate’s followers responded to her video with NSFW remarks about the position of her cat, and there were also quite a few commenters who expressed envy over Rob’s job.

“Guy on the left. What is his exact job description?” wrote one fan.

“That’s the dude that the Suntan lotion bus picked up on Dumb and Dumber after the two guys gave them directions to the closest town,” another commenter responded.

“This is a pretty serious aesthetic. There’s a lot to unbox here but for now just color me impressed,” read another response to Kate’s video.

Kate’s followers often find her Instagram videos entertaining, and this isn’t the first time that one of them has included a classic ’90s song as its soundtrack. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the actress and 77-year-old Game of Thrones actor David Bradley can be seen singing Spice Girls karaoke in one of her recent videos.