‘World’s Sexiest Nurse’ Lauren Drain Wears Olive Green String Bikini While Holding Newborn Baby In New Photo

Lauren Drain Instagram

Lauren Drain, a fitness model and registered nurse with over 1 million followers on Instagram, gave fans a new look at her postpartum body and her newborn baby, Aria Skye, on Tuesday.

In the first photo in the series, the woman who’s been called the “World’s Sexiest Nurse,” held her 10-day-old daughter while rocking a skimpy olive-green crocheted bikini. Longtime followers of Lauren’s should be familiar with the suit since she’s worn it multiple times in Instagram photos. She placed one of those older snapshots next to the more recent one to show how her body had changed during the pregnancy.

In the second photo, Lauren wore a gray bra and undies under a floor-length gray robe. Unlike in the first snapshot, the model wore her blond hair in a ponytail, pairing her more laid-back ensemble with black bedroom slippers.

In the caption, Lauren updated fans on what life as a brand new mom has been like so far. She admitted that her days have been centered around taking care of her daughter and confessed to not being in a hurry to get back in the gym to lose the pregnancy weight.

The post attracted over 15,000 likes and over 200 comments within the first 30 minutes after it was posted. In the comments section, fans showered her with praise.

“You look absolutely amazing momma! Definitely an inspiration for any momma!” one fan wrote, adding a double heart emoji to their comment. “Beautiful little lady also!”

“Your body postpartum is still amazing and will take you no time to go back to what you had before…” another added.

“Wow just wow! Seriously gorgeous in both, I love all of this and you look amazing, both Laurens!” a third commented.

Others offered postpartum weight loss advice.

“Breastfeeding is the key to losing the belly pouch in a matter of days!! Not to mention it’s the healthiest option for your baby.”

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Transformation Tuesday! SWIPE for my current reality ???? 10 days postpartum and my priority has been @ariaskyekagan getting her feedings, sleep, potty/diaper changes & my postpartum recovery (eating healthy adequate food for breastfeeding milk supply - chicken, rice, salmon, oats) getting sleep 5-6h stretches, keeping my body destressed, and pelvic floor exercises. I haven’t once thought of needing to rush back to the gym. It’s miraculous what the female body can do and transform into and I’m allowing both my mind and body to heal at its own pace with peaceful thoughts and positive affirmations that I can and will be able to get my pre-baby body back in time, even if it takes months, that’s okay. I want women to know every journey is different and not to compare their fit journey to other women’s - that can lead to envy, anxiety and depression. Allow your body to heal, think positive thoughts, and know if it took you 9 months transform your body it’ll take up to that to get it back so be kind to yourselves and patient. I will say I’m surprised my uterus has gone down so much but I’ve been using a three piece belly band - peep my instastory to see which one. I want women who haven’t experienced pregnancy to know a majority of the weight women gain during pregnancy is the baby (6-9 lbs), placenta (1.5 lbs), increased blood volume (3-4 lbs), water retention (3-4 lbs) and then some excess body fat. I used to be terrified of getting pregnant for fear that I would lose body forever and I know many women have shared those same fears with me. I’m here to say, you can, in time, with discipline get it back and oftentimes you’ll lose like 20 lbs just after delivery of all the things your body was growing. Stay positive, trust your body, be kind to yourself (you build a human!) and allow time and discipline (with diet and training) to do the rest. The human body is so capable of so many things if we just dedicate time, effort, discipline and approach our goals with a positive mindset. Join me in your total body transformation now with my next 6 week challenge - See link in bio for details and to sign up! Spots filling up! Starts January 12!

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This isn’t the first time that Lauren has offered her Instagram followers a glimpse at her daughter. On December 29, she shared a photo from the delivery room that captured Aria’s first moments out of the womb. In the accompanying caption, the new mother shared some of the details of her high-risk induced labor and revealed that at one point she feared that her daughter might have had the umbilical cord wrapped around her head.

Thankfully, Aria Skye eventually made it into the world safely.

“I can’t take my eyes, ears or hands off of her,” Lauren wrote. “Every little sound, facial expression, and movement @ariaskyekagan makes takes my pain and fatigue away.”