Cosplay Model Liz Katz Poses In Front Of A Mirror Wearing Nothing But Black Panties And A Lacy Bra

Popular cosplay model Liz Katz gifted her 1 million followers with a special gift before the holidays on Friday evening. The curvy blonde posed in front of a full-length mirror while wearing nothing but a lacy purple bra and tiny black panties.

"Who's ready to unwrap some presents?" wrote Liz in her caption.

If her outfit is any indication, it looks like Liz has already done some unwrapping, all for the benefit of her many admirers. Liz is showing some major cleavage in her latest Instagram update. Her sexy push-up bra is extra-supportive, displaying the curves of both her breasts. Her perfectly toned and flat stomach is also very much visible, as are some of Liz's tattoos, such as the infinity symbol on her wrist.

Her bra and panties aren't matching, but the black undies look simple and understated on the slender blonde. It's not often that Liz posts a photo of herself without any costume accessories. In a rare moment, her fans have gotten to see her looking like herself without the extra adornments, and she's as beautiful as ever. Liz isn't even wearing much makeup -- if any at all -- and yet she still looks like an absolute goddess.

As for Liz's hair, she pulled it back into a low ponytail. Her side bangs were left untethered to frame her face. Liz often wears wigs or elaborate hairstyles to better accentuate the character she's portraying, so this look is quite a low-profile one for her.

Due to Liz's pose in the new update, it's hard for fans to figure out where to look first. Liz has given her admirers a clear shot of her entire exquisite body from head-to-toe.

"I forgot what I was supposed to be doing..dammit Liz," commented one awestruck user.

"That's a present I could unwrap everyday for the rest of forever!" exclaimed another one of Liz's many admirers, also adding several heart emoji to their comment.

"You are the perfect present," said a third person.

"Your the most beautiful girl in the whole world lizkatez," praised a fourth fan.

Even though her latest photo doesn't look Christmas-themed, her photo caption suggests that the model has the holidays on her mind. The Inquisitr previously reported that Liz posted an adorable, yet also sexy photo of herself dressed as the popular DC character Harley Quinn.

In that picture, she added the caption, "Deck the halls with boughs of Harley."