Emma Kenney Tells Thomas Barbusca To 'F*ck Off' In Instagram Post Showcasing Her Toned Legs

Trisha Faulkner

Emma Kenney took to Instagram recently to share a snap of herself draped across a bed on her back as she used her stomach muscles to hold her toned legs in the air, crossing them at her knees.

While her leggy display certainly commanded the attention of her 1.5 million Instagram followers, attention quickly shifted to an argument she had in the comments with Thomas Barbusca, a 16-year-old actor best known for starring in The Mick.

In a comment that has been liked over 40 times, Barbusca couldn't help but call attention to Emma's lack of a thoughtful caption. The caption of Kenney's Instagram post was nothing more than a question revealing that she was looking forward to Saturday.

The young actor noted that Emma's "caption game" was "weak."

"Hey. f*ck off. I've been on FaceTime with your sister deciding on it for 20 minutes. It's all your fault," Emma fired back in a response that has been liked hundreds of times.

As those who follow Emma's Instagram activity and personal life know, the banter between she and Thomas was likely nothing more than that of something like an older sister and a younger brother.

Kenney and the young actor's older sister, Brielle Barbusca, are best friends. Brielle is also the girlfriend of Emma's Shameless co-star, Ethan Cutkosky. Emma and Brielle frequently appear in snapshots on each other's Instagram profiles.

Brielle also commented on the sizzling snap, penning, "Wowoowwoowow," with an array of flame emoji after it.

The photo itself was a black-and-white snap of Emma Kenney positioned in the middle of a bed with her crossed legs in the air. The actress rocked a light-colored, long-sleeved top with shimmering shorts. She wore a pair of dark socks and dark boots on her feet. Her hair looked to be up in a ponytail on top of her head.

In the short time the snap has been on her profile, her followers have liked it just shy of 25,000 times, with nearly 100 stopping by long enough to leave a comment.

"Your like my second favorite character on Shameless," one follower penned in the comments.

While the fan comment attracted a single like, it did get a lot of attention in the form of responses. A few individuals took issue with the fact that it wasn't much of a complement.

One follower even wanted the original poster to come back and elaborate on who their favorite Shameless character was. The original poster, however, never replied to any of the responses on their comment.

Unsurprisingly, Emma had many followers who couldn't help but call attention to how incredible her legs looked in the sizzling snap.