Fitness Model Michelle Lewin Shows Off Her ‘Buns Of Steel’ In Glute Day Workout With Jason Derulo

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Michelle Lewin‘s glute workouts are no joke, something which singer Jason Derulo just found out the hard way.

The fitness model took to Instagram on Thursday to share a video of her gym day with the singer, taking him through a series of weight-pumping exercises aimed at training one’s backside.

Alternating between her native Spanish and English, the Venezuelan bodybuilder and fitness model explained to Derulo the importance of including glute workouts if he wants to do well with the ladies.

“Jason, what do you think girls look at on a man?” she asked.

“The guns,” Jason answered, flexing his arms.

But Michelle had another body part in mind.

“Turn around,” she commanded him, pointing to his rear end.

Lewin then took Derulo around an otherwise empty gym, leading him through a series of exercises that focused on the glutes. She offered up some detailed instructions so that those at home could follow along.

Her instruction clearly had an effect on Derulo, who looked very sore as he took a seat next to Michelle for a brief rest.

“Today you can sit down, but tomorrow — I don’t think so,” she told him.

The exercises showcased the attribute that has helped Lewin gain worldwide fame and an Instagram following of more than 13.5 million people. While her Instagram feed shows that she focuses on all parts of her body, from her washboard abs to her well-sculpted arms and legs, Michelle puts a special focus on her backside.

Her commitment to fitness has even earned her backside an international nickname — “Buns of Steel.” The U.K.’s Daily Star has taken to the nickname, reporting in a 2016 article that her bum was gaining fame to rival even that of Kim Kardashian. The publication also noted how she frequently took to social media to show fans the exercises that keep it looking so tight.

Derulo and Lewin have fostered quite a partnership in recent months. Earlier in the summer, she appeared in the music video for his song “Mamacita,” sitting next to the singer at a gambling table and showing off her well-toned body. The two have collaborated a few times since then, with Michelle highlighting his music and Jason joining her this week for a series of exercises.

Jason Derulo is not the only well-known workout buddy Michelle has had in recent weeks. She recently hit the beach for a workout with fellow South American Jessica Cirio, an Argentine model and reality television star.