Taylor Hill Shares A Rare Bathtub Selfie On Instagram

Taylor Hill wears silver lingerie.
Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Taylor Hill shared a brand new bathtub selfie on Instagram today, which is a fairly rare occurrence. The update consisted of two images, one in color and another in black-and-white. The stunner kept most of the images censored, as she was seen enjoying a bath in a modern white tub. She sat with her knees propped up and held her phone with both hands, wearing her hair in a casual, high bun. Based on her makeup, which included dark eyeshadow and lipstick, it seemed as if she had yet to submerge herself in the water.

The angle of the photo meant that not much more was visible of the model, although there was plenty going on in the backdrop. She was inside a room with multiple mirrors on both sides of the walls, which created a sense of infinity stretching in different directions. There was also a light white wall, along with a towel hanging next to it. Beside that was a countertop, with a white coffee cup and a wine glass perched on top.

The room was brightly lit, with the ceiling being entirely comprised of square lighting. Taylor looked at the camera in both shots, with the second image showing a more zoomed-out look. This one gave fans a peek at the soapy water, while the monochromatic look added a sense of drama.

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Chillin ????????

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Fans left lots of compliments for the photos in the comments section.

“I like B&W more because it has a little touch of magic more than colour one,” expressed a follower.

“*Taylor posts something* Me: wow i love active taylor,” wrote an admirer.

“Yas queen, we need more of this content,” raved a fan.

Others were distracted by the phone that she was seen using for the selfie.

“Wou!! that one is Google Pixel 4? What a picture quality,” said a fourth Instagram user.

While there were those that seemed to approve of Taylor using the Pixel 4, others insisted that the iPhone 11 is better.

Previously, the bombshell showed off her sultry side in a different way. Taylor was seen rocking a black bodysuit, which featured a plunging neckline and black lace accents by her hips. She posed with her right shoulder facing the camera, while her cleavage was peeking through her hair as she gave a smoldering look with her lips pursed. She was photographed indoors, with a bright wall-mounted light visible in the backdrop against a dark wooden wall.