Cindy Kimberly Sticks Her Tongue Out For Flirty Instagram Photos

Juan Naharro GimenezGetty Images

Cindy Kimberly shared a new photo set on Instagram on Saturday, as she showed off her flirty side by sticking out her tongue. The update consisted of five photos, with the second and third images being taken of the model as she looked at herself in a mirror. She wore her hair down in a middle part, which she kept in place with two clips on either side. Her hair was slightly wavy, as she rocked a tank top with an elaborate, paisley-inspired design. It was black with gold, silver, and green accents. Her makeup included red lipstick with tons of gloss. She also wore purple eyeshadow with white accents on her inner lids.

The second photo showed Cindy leaning forward toward the mirror, as she appeared mere inches from it. She stuck her tongue out while glancing at the camera through the reflection. The room that she was in was dimly lit, which cast a yellowish glow in the backdrop.

In addition, a third photo showed the stunner from a slightly different angle. This time, she was seen from a bit further away, as her hair cascaded down her back. Cindy glanced at the camera through the reflection again, except this time, she stuck her tongue out a little less than in the prior shot. This angle also revealed that she was leaning on a sink with silver hardware, while a glass shower stall could be seen to the right side of the frame.

Fans seemed to love the photo set, with tons of people gushing about her good looks.

“You didn’t have to snap this hard,” wrote an admirer.

Other dedicated fans had suggestions for the model.

“Petition for cindy to make xmas posts or a xmas theme,” expressed a fan.

“Wear hair clips every day of your life and STOP STRAIGHTENING YOUR HAIR,” said a follower.

“The strokes reference,” noted a fourth Instagram user, who seemingly thought that she was referring to the Room on Fire album released by The Strokes in 2013.

In addition, Cindy previously shared another Instagram photo where she exuded flirty vibes. This time, she wore a low-cut dress, which emphasized her cleavage. She sported dark red lipstick, which was the brightest part of her ensemble. She was seen posing on a small, outdoor balcony as she noted that it was a throwback pic from Spain. The first photo showed the model looking straight at the camera, while the second image was of her looking to her right.