Cindy Kimberly Rocks Thong Bikini For ‘Italian Summer Dreams’ Photo Series

Jacopo RauleGetty Images

Cindy Kimberly shared a photo set on Instagram today, which she dubbed “Italian summer dreams” in the captions. The first two pictures showed the model rocking a tiny bikini as she lounged by the ocean. The bikini that she wore was a cream color, with halter-style straps and a front-tie accent. The front tie was so long, in fact, that it helped censor her tiny bottoms.

The bikini bottoms were a matching color, with two thin straps on the sides and a thong-style cut in the back. She wore a straw hat with navy blue accents along the brim, which completed the summery look.

The first image showed Cindy laying on her stomach on a lounge chair. She draped a light pink towel on the seat, and she propped herself up with her arms. She was seen holding open a magazine as she looked up with her mouth wide open. Behind her was glittering blue water, with a large rock formation visible to the left. She was seemingly at a resort with plenty of umbrellas in the backdrop.

“I’ll take a lover in every city,” the caption read.

The second picture showed Cindy in the same spot as the first photo, except she struck a different pose. The stunner sat up and raised her right hand as she held a snack. She placed her left hand on her right knee, and grabbed a corner of the magazine. She looked straight at the camera this time and parted her lips widely yet again. Her lipstick was red and popped in the shot.

Beside the model was a small white table. A plate of snacks and a glass of orange juice could be seen. A round, peach-colored purse was also on the table.

There were more photos in the set that showed her rocking different outfits, while several used captions that worked together to tell a story.

Fans sent plenty of love to Cindy in the comments section.

“Wait where in Italy is this it’s so gorgeous,” wondered a follower.

“Either Capri or Amalfi coast/positano,” guessed a fan.

“Ughhhhhh, I love these!!!!!” raved an admirer.

“Someone put this girl in #Bond,” wrote a fourth Instagram user.

Previously, the Instagram sensation shared another bikini pic where she rocked a colorful set. The swimsuit was brightly patterned with floral accents, with white and pink being the main colors. She was seen posing at the beach as the sun either rose or sank into the horizon. She got flirty with her overall look and showed off her curves.