Camila Cabello Is Framed On A Moss Bed In A Picture-Perfect Photo Wearing A Barely There Dress Made Of Pearls

Camila Cabello hit up Instagram on Thursday to bond with nature in yet another post heralding her upcoming album, Romance. Her new collection of tunes, set to drop on December 6, is so near and dear to this artist that she said she gets "actual chest pains and knots in [her] stomach listening to some of these songs," as she detailed in the caption of her recent social media upload.

Camila's photo shows the raven-hair beauty kneeling on a moss bed while rocking a skimpy, off-white ensemble made entirely of pearls. The strapless garment allowed the star's ample cleavage to be fully viewed and her dress was so short that her enviable thighs were almost fully seen. To ensure her private parts were not within eyesight, Camila's fancy frock included strands of pearls draped in just the right way.

As the former Fifth Harmony group member posed, she was surrounded by an intricate golden frame that created the illusion Camila had turned into the subject of a museum-quality painting. Her long, messy hair cascaded down the front of her body, with copious tresses falling down past her bust and onto her arm.

For the picture, Camila put one arm across her breasts to hold on to the other arm that was touching the ground. Her head was bent down, touching the top of her shoulder as she closed her eyes in a peaceful and beautiful shot the camera captured with care.

The scene for Camila's post is nothing short of magical. To one side, a heavy green velvet drape framed the picture of Camila as she surrounded herself with picture frames strewn around a moss bed. One stood, seemingly without any support, to literally frame the subject of the photo. An elaborate Renaissance-style structure in the background boasted arched passageways with segmented skylights that led to even more greenery. A number of flower patches invaded the grounds of this romantic environment.

From among her 43.8 million followers, Camila earned more than 1.1 million likes for her fresh Instagram post and 3,529 comments. Many of the singer's admirers merely left emoji on her post while others used words to express how they were feeling about the social media share.

"So excited and proud of you i can't even explain," remarked one fan.

"You are truly a work of art. You should be in a museum," stated a second admirer.

"Can't wait to step into your world!" exclaimed a third follower, who added a red heart emoji to his comment.