Elle Macpherson, 55, Looks Sun-Kissed In Black High-Cut Swimsuit On Instagram

Elle Macpherson, 55, is showing off her youthful good looks in the latest photo on her Instagram page. In the shot, the iconic supermodel is sitting on a rock formation in a black, one-piece swimsuit that shows off her golden tan and enviable figure. Elle's hair flows well past her shoulders in loose beachy waves, and she appears to be makeup-free. Her long blond tresses are partially obscuring the top of her suit but it appears to have a cold-shoulder neckline.

In the caption, Elle revealed that the post is meant to promote her health and wellness brand, WelleCo. The company sells plant-based nutritional supplements and one of their products is in the background of the photo. She also wished her American fans a happy Thanksgiving and promoted WelleCo's Black Friday sale to anyone who had "overindulged" during their holiday feast.

In the comments section, Elle's fans praised her beauty.

One fan said that the model had proved that physical attractiveness doesn't have to diminish with age.

"Living proof that age does not define sensuality," they wrote. "Being sexy is not owned by the young."

The model saw the comment and said that beauty and wellness go hand in hand, in her opinion.

"She's sooo still got it!!" a second fan added. "From a fellow oldie at 53...stay healthy peeps."

But one commenter claimed that Elle actually owed her age-defying beauty to cosmetic procedures.

"Yes the body is all her hard work and amazing but c'mon she has had work on her face. That is not all-natural, as beautiful as she is there is some help going on there too," they wrote. "Which is fine do whatever. That's her job to look good."

"I have chosen a natural approach to beauty and a holistic approach to wellness," the model said in her reply.

This is hardly the first time that Elle has shown off her lithe figure in an Instagram photo. In a previous post, the Aussie-born stunner is leaning against a wall while wearing a barely-there string bikini and a straw hat. In the caption, Elle chats about her health and fitness routine, revealing that her favorite activities for exercise are swimming and walking. She also plugs WelleCo, touting their super greens supplement and their "lean nourishing plant protein" as healthy additions to her day. Elle also shares that she unwinds with meditation and is a fan of infrared saunas for her immune system, among other health and beauty treatments.