Victoria’s Secret’s Lorena Rae Posts Rear-View Video Of Booty Workout With A Friend

Andreas RentzGetty Images

Lorena Rae kept her fans fixated with her latest Instagram offering. The Victoria’s Secret model posted a video that gave her followers an inside view of how hard she works her butt and thighs while exercising.

The German model looked amazing in her athleisure outfit. She wore a white sports bra with a crossover back that supported her while exercising. She paired the top with some black leggings and sneakers. Lorena wore her hair out of her face in a high ponytail. Even though the supermodel was obviously sweaty, she still managed to look sleek and sexy.

It seems as if Lorena Rae was focusing on her booty and thighs on this particular day. She and her friend, fellow model Nicole Harrison, were on all fours as they worked out. The camera’s angle gave fans a rear view of Lorena and Nicole’s pert derrieres as they exercised their glutes in a grueling gym session.

In the background, various gym equipment and weights can be seen. But the models were solely focused on performing reverse leg lifts and inside leg raises. While Nicole opted to go for an easier version, Lorena chose to do the exercise with a resistance band, which increased the level of difficulty considerably.

In the caption of the video, the 25-year-old referred to not being able to walk after the workout. She claimed to love her exercise band because it is readily available and easy to use wherever you are.

Of course, Lorena Rae’s fans were excited about the video. The lingerie model’s offering was an instant hit, with many taking the time to view and comment. Lorena has an impressive following of over 1.7 million users who admire the brunette’s looks and dedication to fitness.

This particular video has already amassed more than 14,000 views, and many fans commented with fire, heart, and smiley emoji. Other admirers made sure to let the German lass know what they thought about her latest video.

One dedicated fan made Lorena a hard-to-refuse offer and said, “Can’t walk!? I’ll carry you anywhere you want to go!” It seems as if Lorena has a fan who’s willing to do some heavy lifting for her sake.

Another fan gave Lorena some well-intentioned advice and noted, “Bulgarian Split Squats belong to my favorite routine for booty intended purposes as well as quads????, ever tried them?”

“I wish I was a camera man,” a third follower cheekily remarked.