Charly Jordan Pulls Up Sports Bra To Show Underboob In Sweaty Workout Video

Charly Jordan shared a new workout video with a sexy moment on Instagram today. The clip showed her completing a variety of workout routines, and one part showed her folding her sports bra up to reveal her underboob. She was seen standing with her body angled toward the camera during the shot, as her toned midriff was out on full display. Sweat covered her stomach, as she looked down slightly. Light streamed in and made her skin glow.

The outfit that she wore included a black sports bra and tight, gray shorts. She also wore a pair of white sneakers. The sports bra featured multiple straps in the back, while her pants featured a stripe of light gray by her waist. She wore her hair in a casual high bun, with pieces of her curly hair falling down to frame her face.

The clip began by showing fans a look at her toned body, but then it cut to Charly lying in bed and getting up to tackle her day. She was seen pulling out her dresser drawers, brushing her teeth, and then booting up the app on her phone. The model was seen jumping rope at first and transitioned to doing situps. She then completed pushups, maintained a plank, and stretched with her arms above her.

After she showed off her underboob, the camera zoomed in on her bellybutton, as she also folded down her waist strap. She was seen smiling for the camera and walking backward at the end of the clip.

"How do you get up?" read the caption.

Fans complimented the DJ's good looks in the comments section.

"You have a great work ethic!!!" exclaimed a follower.

"Making all kinds of gains boo," noted an admirer.

Others responded to the captions in the video.

"I work my a** off... i dont have time for gym...." wrote a fan.

"I have this app," shared a fourth Instagram user.

The clip was a promotional post for 30 Day Fitness.

In addition, the stunner showed off her toned figure in a recent update on Instagram. This time, she was seen rocking a blue string bikini. She was seen lying on her back on a rock formation with water visible behind her. She tugged at her bikini bottoms with her hands, while glancing at the camera with a smile. She wore her hair down in a ponytail, and her locks fell onto the rock.