Padma Lakshmi Rocks Colorful Bra In Throwback Pic On Instagram

Padma Lakshmi wears a red dress.
Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

Padma Lakshmi shared a throwback photo several days ago on Instagram, and it was all about the colorful bra. The younger model was seen posing on a chair, as she crossed her right leg in front. Her bra was bright pink, with a colorful floral design. It featured lace accents in a lighter hue along the top. Although her bottoms were mostly obscured, they appeared to be a matching set. She completed her look with a pair of white, strappy sandals.

The stunner’s hair was also eye-catching, as it was styled in such a way as to maximize its volume. Padma gazed straight at the camera with her lips slightly parted with a hint of a smile. She wore a pair of drop earrings, but no other accessories could be seen.

The chair that the model sat on was vintage-looking, with decorative feet and curved edges. It also had vertical stripes with floral designs. Padma casually placed her arms on either side of her, bending her elbows slightly. This created symmetry in the photo, plus the model looked confident and strong.

Behind the Top Chef host, there was a colorful curtain reminiscent of ocean waters. It featured different shades of blue, which ranged from light blue to deep turquoise. The floor of the room also appeared to be painted blue, with the light streaming in from the left side of the frame. This meant there was a shadow that was cast on Padma’s face, and it offered a dramatic feel.

Plus, the photo itself appeared to be a scan of a film photo. Considering that the photo is a throwback, that wouldn’t be too surprising.

Fans gushed about the model’s good looks in the comments section.

“By the gods…you…are…beautiful,” raved a follower.


“Elegantly Gorgeous!! & Love your hair! Have a wonderful week ahead!!” exclaimed an admirer.

“I’m not sure there are currently a more beautiful woman on this planet,” declared a fan.

“Me when I discovered dry shampoo,” joked a fourth Instagram user.

Previously, the reality TV host shared another throwback photo. This time, she was spotted going fully nude as she posed on the edge of a bathroom sink. Padma sat up while bending her knees, and took the phone with both of her hands. She managed to censor herself with her pose. Floral, white curtains hung on either side of the frame. She wore her hair down in soft waves, which she pulled in front of her shoulders.