Sommer Ray Poses With 15 Girls Bending Over In Peach Booty Shorts

Sommer Ray wears a gray dress.
Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images

Today, Sommer Ray gave fans a sneak peek at her newest photo shoot for her clothing line, doing so via Instagram. As it turns out, she recruited 15 female models to take part in the photo shoot, as these were all seen clad in the same peach-colored outfit. Meanwhile, Sommer stood out in a sunflower ensemble. In a series of Instagram stories, the former bodybuilder shared what was happening behind the scenes as she posed in the middle of the girls.

In both videos, Sommer was prominent, as she was the only one that stood up. She faced the camera. Meanwhile, the girls turned their back to the camera and leaned forward to show off their derrieres. They all stood on a flight of stairs outside of an ornate building.

The models’ outfits included a matching sports bra and booty shorts, the latter being white with a bright peach design. The design included whole and sliced peaches, complemented by thick black straps. The bodybuilders’ ensembles were completed with white sneakers. Meanwhile, Sommer’s look was all about sunflowers, with a black-and-white checkered base.

Sommer rocked a high ponytail, which she secured with a yellow scrunchie. Meanwhile, the ladies accompanying her wore their hair down.

“Thanks to all the bomb babes that came thruuuuu today ily all,” said the Instagram sensation in the caption attached to the share.

And while the first video was taken from an angle, a second Instagram story revealed what the scene looked like from the front. Sommer was seen posing with her hands on her hips as she popped her left foot.

“My peaches,” she captioned the shot, using the heart-eye and yellow heart emoji.

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Behind the models, there was an open doorway. The doors were extra tall and luxurious, with gold embellishments throughout. Beyond the open door, a row of narrow windows was visible.

Sommer also showed another clip from the same shoot, one capturing the bodybuilders posing in two different lines as they faced one another. They all stood with their hands behind their backs, and they were watching Sommer. The bombshell was seen strutting between the girls, and the photographer was evidently walking backwards to capture the moment.

In addition, Sommer shared another update a couple of days ago — one that also showed her rocking workout gear. Except this time, she wasn’t at a photo shoot, but was busy in the middle of a workout. She was seen rocking a pair of colorful leggings and a light pink sports bra. The stunner was seen completing leg lifts and doing weight training. The video zoomed in on her toned body, as she showed off her strength.