Brunette Bombshell Lyna Perez Flaunts Bikini Body While Throwing Money In Racy Video

Lyna Perez poses for a selfie.
Lyna Perez / Instagram

Instagram sensation Lyna Perez gave her 4.3 million followers something to get excited about today when she uploaded a video in which she flaunted her body in a barely-there bikini while throwing money.

In the update, Lyna wore a tiny, yellow string bikini with black trim that did little to cover her up. The top looked as though it was about two sizes too small, with small triangles that covered her nipples. The bottoms were equally revealing with strings tied on the sides, covering up just enough to keep the video safe for Instagram.

In the video, the brunette bombshell was standing outside in what appeared to be a yard surrounded by a hedgerow. It looked to be a gorgeous day with a blue sky, but there was no mistaking that Lyna was the center of attention in the video with her nearly-naked body.

The video begins with the model fanning herself with a handful of money that included several $100 bills. With a mischievous look on her face, she ran her other hand through her hair while sticking out her tongue in a flirty manner. She arched her back slightly so that her voluptuous chest was directly in front of the camera and hard to miss. Also on display was her slender waistline and curvy hips.

Lyna wasn’t content just flashing the front of her body. She tossed her long, straight hair over her shoulder as she turned around and gave her followers a nice look at her derrière in the thong bottoms. She gave the camera a seductive smile as she began to slap her booty with the money. After smacking herself a few times with the cash, she tossed it at the camera.

Lyna mentioned a cash giveaway in her caption, but it seemed most of her followers were simply happy watching her in the video.

“Wow you have an amazing body,” commented one admirer.


“One of the hottest babes in the world!!” said a second follower.

“You are the most beautiful girl in the world,” a third follower wrote.

If Lyna knows how to do anything, it is work the camera. The stunner’s Instagram is filled with photos and videos of her showing off her body in the skimpiest of outfits. Most of the time she models bikinis that leave little to the imagination. While her snaps might not be for everyone, the beauty seems to know just what her followers like to see.