Amber Portwood’s Daughter Leah Shirley Turns 11, ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Shares Sweet Celebration Post On Instagram


Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood took to Instagram on Tuesday to pay tribute to her daughter Leah Shirley on her birthday. Leah is now 11-years-old, and it looks as if her mom is focusing on her sweet girl on this special day of hers.

Leah, Amber’s daughter with ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley, looked a great deal like her mom in the photo that Portwood shared on social media. The Teen Mom OG star wrote a lengthy caption to honor her daughter, listing many of the things she deeply loves about her girl.

The photo of Leah shows her seemingly on a cruise, as she is wearing a Carnival wristband. The pre-teen has a window next to her with a glimpse of the ocean outside, and she is sitting at a table with a plate of food in front of her.

Shirley is smiling as she wears a sparkly dress and has her hair pulled back into a bun. Amber didn’t mention exactly when this photo was taken, but it looks like she picked it in part because of the ocean connection, making a reference to the girl’s “ocean eyes.”

Portwood chose to close the comments section on this post, preventing any Teen Mom fans or co-stars from adding their own birthday wishes for Leah. However, many showed their support by liking the post. In the first seven hours after Amber had shared this sweet post, more nearly 85,000 of Portwood’s 1.8 million followers had liked the photo.

As of this writing, Gary hasn’t posted anything about his daughter’s birthday on his Instagram page. However, his wife and Leah’s stepmom Kristina Shirley has. On Tuesday morning, Kristina shared another adorable picture of Leah and added a sweet comment about how much joy the spunky, compassionate girl brings to their family.

Kristina has a much smaller Instagram following than Amber, but this post still generated a lot of support within the first hour after Shirley had initially shared it. More than 7,000 people liked the post in that time frame and about 200 comments were posted as well.

Leah’s birth is what propelled Amber and Gary into reality television and the young girl has been through quite a bit in her short 11 years. It seems that these days she is doing pretty well, and it appears that her mom, dad, and stepmom all try to give her a fair amount of privacy away from social media.

Amber Portwood’s life continues to be filled with a good bit of drama much of the time, as she recently faced legal trouble. She accepted a plea deal in the case, but now this week, intense video and audio clips detailing the issues behind those charges recently emerged. Despite all of that, the Teen Mom OG star seems to be trying to lie low and forge forward, and this birthday tribute to Leah Shirley is a good example of that.