Russian Bombshell Dasha Mart Gets Wet Washing Truck In Thong Bikini

Instagram sensation Dasha Mart gave her 1.6 million followers something to get excited about when she uploaded a video of her washing a truck wearing a thong bikini.

The video began with Dasha walking down the street, strutting her fabulous figure. She wore a green, black, and yellow string bikini that left little to the imagination. She paired the swimsuit with a pair of white sneakers as she flashed a smile for the camera while running her hands through her long, wavy hair.

The clip cut to a scene with the brunette bombshell on her knees reaching into a bucket of soapy water. She pulled out a Bang energy drink, which presumably gave her the energy needed to wash the vehicle. After drinking from the can while striking a sexy pose next to an open door on the truck, Dasha was ready to get down to the business of washing the vehicle.

The next scene showed the model with a water hose spraying the side of the truck while squatting down. The camera panned around her backside, giving her fans a nice look at her derrière. Another scene showed her washing the truck by running a soapy sponge up and down the side of it while doing several squats.

Toward the end of the video, Dasha posed against the front of the truck, with soap suds on her tight abs as she sipped from the Bang can. The clip cut to a couple of scenes where the beauty squeezed water from a sponge onto her body. She playfully tugged at the side of her bikini bottoms in one shot. The final scene showed the model bending over while removing one of her shoes from which she poured soapy water. The view showed off her voluptuous chest and toned legs.

In between the clips, the video would cut to scenes where Dasha stood behind water spraying up and out of the nozzle while striking poses that flaunted her incredible physique.

Many of Dasha's followers seemed to enjoy watching her in the video, with several of them leaving behind fire emoji.

"The street never looked so good," commented one follower with a thumbs up emoji.

"Mind blowing," said a second follower with a heart emoji.

It's not unusual for Dasha to leave such an impression on her followers. They also seemed to love the last video she uploaded, which showed her enjoying a beach sunset in skimpy two-piece.