Curvy Instagram Model Neybron James Teases Her Fans In A Sexy Black Teddy

Neybron JamesInstagram

Plus-size Instagram model Neybron James recently took to her page and teased her legions of admirers with a very hot lingerie picture, one which left very little to the imagination of the viewers.

In the snap, the hot model could be seen rocking a provocative black teddy which featured multiple straps. The model also wore a garter belt and garters that she fastened around her well-toned, thick thighs.

The risqué outfit struggled to contain the model’s enviable assets and also allowed her to bare her nipples. However, staying in line with Instagram’s prohibition on full-on nudity, the model censored her breasts with the help of black, heart-shaped stickers that she pasted on the picture through a photo-editing tool.

Nonetheless, the model showed off plenty of skin to titillate her fans. To spice things up, Neybron posed for the picture by lifting her face up and arching her back to make her curves more prominent. She also looked straight into the camera and slightly puckered her plump lips to exude seductive vibes.

The hot lingerie also allowed Neybron to show off the tattoo that has been inked on the upper part of her left thigh.

In terms of her makeup, the model opted for a brown shade of lip color, a bronze eyeshadow, and a tinge of matching blusher. To complete her look, Neybron wore her blond tresses in soft waves and allowed them to cascade over her breasts.

Neybron decided not to opt for any significant accessories, except for a bracelet, so as not to take away the attention from her hot attire.

In the caption, Neybron informed her fans and followers that her ensemble was from Fashion Nova Curve, an online clothing brand for which she works a brand ambassador.

Within six hours of going live, the post has accrued more than 13,000 likes and over 200 comments where fans drooled over Neybron’s hot figure and showered her with numerous compliments.

“God! Your’re PERFECT,” one of her fans commented on the picture.

“Drop dead gorgeous!! [You have] a very sexy body,” another chimed in.

“Your beauty warms my soul,” a third fan wrote.

Meanwhile, a fourth follower praised Neybron by writing a long comment and expressed his wishful thinking by calling the model his future wife.

“That incredibly beautiful sexy body is a work of art. I love you so much, babe. You are definitely my beautiful, sexy future #wifey for sure,” he wrote.

Apart from her fans and followers, the picture was also liked by Hannah Palmer, Vicky Aisha, and Theodora Moutinho, among others.